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Watch Dogs 2 Guide – Tips And Tricks For Playing

Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2

Being brought into the open world of Watch Dogs 2 can be overwhelming at first. Thankfully, we’ve put together a list of a few things you should do first, to maximize your start time with the game. 

Choose your playstyle

Watch Dogs 2

Choose how you want to play but don’t keep it if the situation changes. Guards in Watch Dogs 2 can range from standing around sniffing their farts to spotting you and throwing grenades in seconds. You will need to switch tactics quickly. The game admits three different styles; Aggressor (combat-focused), Ghost (stealth-oriented), and Trickster (manipulate the environment to do your dirty work).

You don’t necessarily have to stick to one style and you’ll need elements of all three to get you through the game, but it pays to specialize and has the tools and skills to unlock that will. affects your entry into certain areas. ops and other unlocks. Don’t waste your points upgrading general skills – learn to specialize first. Distraction skills are great for starters, as are hacking skills.

Trickster is the best to start with

Using the Trickster approach to problem-solving seems to be the most effective way. Not only at the beginning of the game when you have a solid grasp of how Watch Dogs 2 works, but also as a way to approach all of the original main quests. head.

To be a Scam is to use everything around you to work in your favor without getting your hands dirty. Use RC Jumpers and drones to scout, hack objects, blow up junction boxes and take out guards, to hack emails and complete objectives. There are some quests where you don’t even need to enter a building to complete them. Finally, you can upgrade your quadcopter drone to access your inventory, dropping IEDs on enemies. You really don’t have to get your hands dirty as much if you think before you jump in.

Security cameras – Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2

Regardless of whether you want to sneak around or not, you should always pause before entering a new place or building to capture the camera. Break-in closest and traverse all neighborhoods to note protective patrol patterns and environmental hazards that you can use to distract and incapacitate.

Guardians will now appear on your minimap, making it a lot easier to achieve your goals. Whether you want to explode in every blazing gun or be like a ghost, you now have all the information you need.

Cannot hide bodies – Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2

It’s one of those design choices that go against 95% of the stealth games you’ll ever play. Once you lose the protection, you cannot move your body to hide it. It is very infuriating and will make you question why exactly you chose the path of hiding. The more guards you take down, the more chances you have of being spotted by the patrol, so the danger only escalates, especially in positions where 10, 20 or more guards are on patrol.

But by silently taking down the guards, it’s less likely that others will hear the noise and call for assistance. The Guardians are extremely aggressive in Watch Dogs 2, and once you come to their aid, you’ll be stuck with little chance of survival. The cooldown from hunting you to returning to their usual patrol routes is a long stretch, so stealth feels especially hard and unfair.