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We Happy Few Guide – Tips To Survive For New Players

We Happy Few

We Happy Few

The video game scene is filled with a world of turmoil, but none quite like We Happy Few of the drug-fueled 1960s Britain. It’s like walking around in an episode of The Prisoner. The game’s small-town streets are filled with dazed, happy people, buying a drug called Joy. You are one of the “rehab” people who have stopped using drugs and are out to bring down this strange society.

Be A Conformist

You have to fit in to survive in the tumultuous society of We Happy Few. This means that, in different situations, you must present yourself in different ways, lest you incur the wrath of dangerous friends. When you first arrive in town, you know that the residents will go on a rampage if they see you wearing nice clothes. 

There’s certainly been a bit of an overreaction, but in We Happy a few appearances are everything. Collect materials like cloth whenever you get the chance because you never know what kind of outfit you might have to craft next.

Manage Time – We Happy Few 

The game try to really immerse you in the thoughts of the main characters, and part of that includes day-to-day choices about how you manage your time. There is an in-game clock that is constantly ticking and with each passing hour, you will get more and more tired. Finding safe spots with beds that you can hang out in and rest is essential, especially when rioters patrol the streets at night, imposing curfews on people.

Mistaking the hobby is something to be avoided at all costs, especially when it comes to higher difficulty and in the early part of the game. However, there are times when you’ll want to stay up past the curfew and use the dark to explore.

Hatch Job

When you arrive in a new area, your first harbor should be the gateway to that area. Instead of Lost’s sleazy Scottish man pressing a mysterious button every 108 minutes, each store in We Happy Few houses useful amenities like beds, crafting tables, and first aid kits. What’s even more useful is that these hatches act as fast-moving points that connect through a network of underground tunnels.

Be A Hoarder

You never know when a piece of rusty metal will become useful, so be sure to stop by your nearest store often to send any materials you don’t need immediately into your compressed air inventory. You can access them from anywhere on the map so you don’t have to worry about unloading your inventory. Your inventory will quickly fill up and managing items will soon become a chore if you don’t make good use of this functionality.

Be A Pacifist – We Happy Few 

You’ll find We Happy’s survival at least a lot easier if you avoid teamfights if possible. Dressing the enemy, hiding in the golden grass, and silently taking down the enemy is the key to a peaceful life. Hold CTRL to enter stealth mode and you will be able to see enemies as they move around the environment. Map out their patrol routes and maneuver around them for best results. Or, set the difficulty to Birdwatcher and attack with a cricket bat.