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Armoring Guide – Everything We Know About New World Armoring

New World Armoring

We’ve just got information to help you sew fishing clothes to Barbarian armor. New World takes the MMORPG genre to the next step with the in-depth crafting system. Today we are going to discuss how you can best New World armoring skills by the fastest way to reach max level. The game has 3 types of crafting systems. These systems include – Collect, Refining and Crafting.

Why Level Up Your New World Armoring Skill?

New World Armoring

There are many benefits to leveling up your armoring skills, mainly to gain access to max-level armor crafts. In addition, the higher your armor crafting skill, the higher the equipment score of your items. 

These armors are best suited for late-game expeditions and PvP content. While weapons are New World ‘builds’, armor serves as a support system, so having a good set of armor will benefit any build you want. Remember that armor comes in three different weight classes, which are:

  • Heavy armor is useful for classes that want to gain or take a large amount of damage before dying. However, heavy armor makes your character slower and is not recommended for agility classes.
  • Light armor for the stealthier and more agile classes. This armor doesn’t deal much damage but allows for fast movement and faster mana regeneration. This armor will most likely be used for ranged or assassin playstyles.
  • Medium Armor is the average of the two; it doesn’t provide too much armor nor hinder movement like heavy armor. Medium armor is best used for classes that want to deal damage and be fast enough to be agile on the battlefield.

So that’s a really quick breakdown of the armor types in the game; let’s find a way to level up gear so you can get to the end of the game in armor crafting as fast as you can.

Max Level Crafting Guide – New World armoring

Don’t keep track of anything else or worry about any other resources, just follow this New World armoring guide to get you to the max level in the fastest way possible with the least amount of resources.


For levels 0-20, you’ll want to craft 8 linen dresses. For this you will need:

  • 704 Fibres
  • 384 Rawhide
  • 32 Iron Ore

Any workbench that is Level 1 should be able to support this craft.


You should focus on crafting 429 Weak Oakflesh Balm at these levels. However, you’ll need to find a workstation (or upgrade it by doing town projects) of level 2 quality. Here are the resources you’ll need to make this one:

  • 429 Earth Mote
  • 429 Water Mote
  • 429 Oil

These resources are not hard to farm, and you can easily find workbenches throughout towns in any of the major areas.


For now, you will want to focus on crafting 49 Raw Leather Jackets. Just like before, you’ll have to find a level 2 workbench to do this. The needed resources will be:

  • 4312 Rawhide
  • 2352 Fibres
  • 196 Iron Ore


Now you will want to make 35 sturdy leather gloves. For this, you’ll need to find a level 3 ranked skin. Here’s what you’ll need to craft this order:

  • 2240 Rawhide
  • 140 Tannin
  • 560 Fibers
  • 140 Iron Ore


Focus on making 92 plate steel helmets. You will need a level 3 smithy to create this. Here are the important ingredients you’ll need:

  • 8832 Iron Ore
  • 2944 Aged Wood
  • 736 Sand Flux
  • 2208 Rawhide
  • 1472 Fibres

These resources are difficult to obtain; We recommend buying them from Trade Post or asking friends to help you farm for maximum results.


New World Armoring

A big leap, we know, but this is the best way to level up your arsenal skills. You should craft Starmetal Plate Boots at smithy level 4. For each starter craft you will need:

  • Starmetal Ingot x5
  • Coarse Leather x3
  • Linen x1

Do this until you reach level 150. The reason we switched to the Starmetal plate is due to the availability of this resource.


For the last step on this New World armoring list, you want to spam Orichalcum Plate Boots. This resource is a bit harder to find but still, the easiest compared to other resources. Here’s what you’ll need for each pair of boots:

  • Orichalcum Ingot x5
  • Coarse Leather x3
  • Linen x1

This recipe requires a level 5 of the forge to craft.

Crafting More Powerful Gear – New World armoring

In the New World, each recipe comes with an option to use a more valuable resource (or Higher Tier). For example, if you want to craft certain gear with regular iron ingots, your gear score will be lower than if you used a higher grade iron ingot. Here is an example of that:

Regular Linen Shoes

Rare Linen Shoes: By swapping the iron ingots for the rarer Voidmetal, it improved the gear’s score rating. This whole process is how most of your score upgrades will work in the New World.

Azoth – New World armoring

New World Armoring

By adding Azoth to your gear, your gear has a chance to receive additional bonuses. These bonuses from Azoth can be divided into:

  • Gem slots
  • Random Perks
  • Additional Attributes

Adding Azoth is the best way to make your gear stand out in the late game.