April 19, 2021


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What causes EVOS to go blank after the first two weeks of competition?



VCS Summer 2020 has gone through 2 weeks of competition and more and more surprises happen. The competitiveness of the tournament is increased when the strength of the participating teams is somewhat saturated. Besides the sublimation of Cerberus or the impressive performance of rookies like Percent and OPG, one of the highlights after the past 2 weeks is that EVOS is at the bottom of the rankings with 3 consecutive failures. What made a highly-rated team before the season started so badly. 

Zeros' attacking play is incompatible with the EVOS control style.
Coach Violet’s and his team had an unpleasant start


One thing that can be clearly seen just before Zeros joined EVOS is that the “king of 2k” playstyle does not match the slow and control style of EVOS. At the height of Zeros in Buffalo team, we are no stranger to Meliodas and the Palette in the top lane to help Zeros perform many pierced shots simply to help Zeros push the soldiers. In GAM’s shirt color, this is even more sequential as GAM’s gameplay then mainly revolved around the ability to roam and perform the pier of the Dia1 and Levi duo.

Zeros' attacking play is incompatible with the EVOS control style.
Zeros’ attacking play is incompatible with the EVOS control style.

With the high skill and the available aggression, just having a little advantage, Zeros will easily snowball the opponent, making the top laner of the enemy farm soldier also not entitled to enjoy the experience. accomplished. However, that was a different story when Zeros put on his EVOS shirt.

EVOS’s style of play is now extremely slow but sure, much on the ability to control and punish mistakes. Pake is not a roam-oriented mid laner and Sorn is also not used to visiting the top lane so Zeros absolutely has to “solo” in his matches without the support assistant.

As a result of this, Zeros has a hard time making certain advantages to the top laner. Moreover, the habit of pushing high roads without teammates makes Zeros good prey for the opponent to exploit, making EVOS’s top lane a “weak point” for this team.

So during the EVOS games of the past 2 weeks, Zeros’ performance was so faint, he had almost nothing to do but keep the numbers of soldiers stable over time. But that is not enough with the expectations that fans have put on his shoulders.


Sorn has always been considered one of the top junglers in VCS Summer 2020 with his skill and wisdom in his moving situations. Except for the Smite button sometimes being broken, Sorn’s ability to comprehend goals is very good, he always knows how to keep the pace of the game not too fast, where EVOS’s forte play is with the best effect.

Sorn's form led to a series of failures of EVOS
Sorn’s form led to a series of failures of EVOS

However, Sorn of this season showed a completely different face than before and it can not be denied that the failure of EVOS early the season is partly due to this guy. Mistaken moves constantly appear in Sorn and every time he lies down, each time EVOS loses so many advantages.

Sorn’s impact ability is also much lower than in previous seasons when his ganks are mostly caught and ineffective, especially in the upper wing of Zeros. If Sorn remains in a bad shape like the past 2 weeks, EVOS will be very difficult to return to the race for the championship they have set at the beginning of the season.