July 30, 2021


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What Is The Best Way To Play IO Dota 2 In SP Position?



Dota 2 seems to relentlessly provide players with powerful champions. They also provide gamers with effective play guides. How to play IO Dota 2 is also one of them.

Introducing the IO who bring strength to the Carry


If you’re a longtime Dota 2 gamer, you’ve probably held IO once. This is a hero built-in SP form. This hero owns a well-completed skill set. The tactics that you can apply are extremely diverse.

It is a hero with high flexibility, attack speed and skill hit the fastest Dota 2. Therefore, it is often chosen to support AD without flexibility. It is also a hero with a wealth of weak items. Suitable for many different match situations in Dota2.

Due to these factors, it is difficult for the player to know which way it will have to play. What items are needed and which skills to increase first. The following are answers to these questions yours.

Which IO ’s skill should you increase first?


For this General Sp, you can choose arbitrary moves but to achieve the highest effectiveness. We recommend increasing your Tether first. This technique will help you increase mobility for you and your teammates. Suitable for early game battles when both are still quite slow in team fights.

At the next level, you should increase skill points for Spirits. For this skill, you can help AD and this hero itself quickly pushes the creeps towards the enemy field. Besides, this is also a way to increase the damage prepared for the gank of the enemy.

Next, you can increase the Overcharge to ensure the movement speed of the teammates is maintained. This is also the reason why many players choose IO to help the home team always have high mobility.

Some notes

It is written to be a champion who possesses a high level of flexibility, can be customized in many situations. You can apply the following tips to improve your ability to play this hero:

IO has gained a lot of strength for himself when he has gained some necessities. You should focus support for your AD and other teammates to farm. Common exp is a mechanism that helps you level up and get enough gold to equip the necessary items. It will become stronger with Tether. Use this technique to help heal its health and teammates as well as inhibit the enemy champions in the same way.

Spirits will be an effective skill for you to damage enemy heroes at every stage of the game. You should take advantage of the attack power from this technique to overwhelm the enemy. The spheres created from this attack will be freely controlled by it and deal damage to any enemies that touch them.

Overcharge will be a skillful chance. Its connected teammates will gain a certain amount of damage. At the same time, he will also lose a large amount of blood and consume a large amount of mana.

These techniques, if combined with science, will create extremely high effects in combat. To avoid being crushed or lane suppression, you should choose yourself suitable combo techniques.

Take advantage of this hero’s Ulti skills in team fights

If you know the characteristics of the general’s moves you can also see SP spilling in it. Its ultimate will make the name of a top Dota 2 champion. This move works as follows: you will assign any position on the map, after activating but teammates are associated with it will move with this champion. The duration is 12 seconds. Immediately after that, you and your teammates still alive after the combat will be restored to their original positions.

This is a great technique for quick fights or to flee from unattainable battles. IO will become more active if you and your teammates understand each other before using Relocate.