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League of Legends: What is the MoonStaff meta? How to use it?


Ahead of Season 11, League of Legends totally transformed its system of items, introducing a new category of mythical items. These are powerful items, and players can only pick one for each game. The new item system has created opportunities for build paths, such as the strategy known as “MoonStaff meta.”


Moonstone Renewer and the Staff of Flowing Water 

MoonStaff consists of two items, the Moonstone Renewer and the Staff of Flowing Water. Moonstone Renewer is a mythical item that, according to the game, is designed for support.

Moonstone Renewer: Unique – Starlit Grace heals the nearby Allied champion with the most missing health for 70 − 100 (based on target level) when it affects champions with attacks or combat abilities with 2 second cooldown.

Each second spent in battle with champions increases this healing by 12.5 per cent, stacking up to 4 times for a maximum of 50 per cent. The second element of this strategy is the Flowing Water Staff, a legendary item.

Staff of Flowing Water: Unique – Rapids: Healing or Hybrid Shielding and Ally gives you and them 15 percent bonus movement speed and 20 – 40 (based on target level) ability for 3 seconds.

These two items have a unique synergy that will only get better as the game progresses. The player carrying the items will not get healing from the Moonstone Renewer, but will receive a bonus from the Staff. 

Simply put, the LOL champion using MoonStaff acts as a booster for his teammates. To make it even better, it only costs 4800 Gold to get both full items.

Who can build MoonStaff?

Despite being support items, any League of Legends AP champion can make use of the MoonStaff combination. In pro play, Lillia is one of the champions who usually build these items. 

Mid laners and junglers should not be afraid of going down this path of build, they’re still going to do enough damage to stay relevant while helping their teammates.

The strategy of MoonStaff is not limited to the Summoner’s Rift. Players can use it to play ARAM. Because in this game mode, healing is limited, it’s always good to have extra buffs through items. In ARAM, players tend to be grouped together, so the stats will be even stronger.

In Patch 11.3, the ability of the Staff of Flowing Water decreased from 60 to 50. tThis change is not significant enough to get the strategy out of the current meta.