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What makes the Manamune Sword a player’s favorite item?



What could make Manamune from just a few generals usable became extremely popular items in League of Legends?

Ezreal lost the monopoly

Manamune has existed for a long time in League of Legends and right from the time of its launch, this equipment was associated with General Ezreal when the adventurers’ skill kit was too suitable for this item. Later when more and more champions in the form of hoarding power, using many skills like Ezreal was born, this item is no longer exclusive to this champion.

However, when Muramane is used so much for the generals that are completely different from the characteristics of the above names, one cannot help wondering why it is used so much. Some gamers even shared that they met Jhin, Talon, Darius, Draven, and Fizz also made this item. So what exactly happened?

The reasons for using Manamune more commonly in League of Legends

First, the Manamune is the best gold effect item in items that increase the damage level, with only 2400 money you will have about 80 bonus damage when enough. It is true that this item takes time to accumulate enough numbers but with the normal attack the only feature, you can be assured that this item accumulates extremely quickly.

The more frightening thing about Manamune is that it also deals with damage on the attack. This damage will be proportional to your energy and it is too suitable for the stats of this equipment. We can understand simply Manamune gives you a huge amount of pure damage. Additional damage on the attack with the price is too cheap is only 2400 gold.

However, that’s only half of the problem because this item has owned all of the above for several seasons. The sufficient condition for Manamune to become the “national item” of League of Legends in recent times. It is the recognition of the good interaction of this item with the newly revise Intelligence Presence.

Specifically, in the pre-2020 season, Intellectual Presence has lost the ability to cool down when defeated. Instead, you will receive permanent energy, stacking up to 500 maximum energy. Not to mention the 20% maximum regeneration effect available.

Manamune gradually become powerful equipment that players should own

Remember that the damage effects of Muramana will depend on your current energy. The added energy of up to 500 and too much regeneration from the Intellectual Presence point. With only 1 item, you will deal the amount of damage to be said to be completely superior if compare to other loading paths such as crit in the middle of the game (only strong when there are 3 items).

With great damage, good energy recovery, and a strong snowball in the middle of the match, Manamune suddenly overcomes the disadvantages of many generals like Kayle, Corki, or even Draven. Even with the threshold of power coming too early, gladiators that use energy can use this item as a main damaged item. That’s how the guy above complains to the community that he was defeated by a Wukong player on the Manamune.

In short, with the change of the Intellectual Presence jewel, the Manamune gradually became a piece of extremely powerful equipment. When it provided users with extremely “virtual” damage right from the start of the match. If you want to find a new style of play for champions, try once to put your faith in Manamune. Maybe the effect will be beyond imagination. Of course, the champion you’re playing must be the one that uses energy, dealing primarily with physical damage.