July 30, 2021


Game CMD 368

What you need to know about Orisa, the 24th hero



Introducing the background of Orisa, this is an improved combat robot from the OR15 model – the unit responsible for maintaining the peace of Numbani city. In fact, OR15 is also an improved version of OR14 – a robot that once joined the Omnic force against humanity. However, after humans and Omnic started building peace, OR14 was upgraded to become OR15 with the task of protecting the city.

Weapon of Orisa


In-depth assessment of Orisa, this is a true Tanker with ample health and extremely high defense. On top of that, his main weapon is a rotating “Fusion Driver” based on the technology that makes up Zarya’s Particle Cannon. Through initial testing, this is an extremely powerful weapon and possesses the longest range compared to other Tankers in the game. Imagine how Fusion Driver works like a machine gun in Bastion’s Sentry mode, allowing gamers to fire bullets with high speed and precision.

In terms of numbers, Fusion Driver has a magazine of 200 rounds, each bullet deals 12 damage to the target and a rate of fire reaches 12 rounds per second. This means that Fusion Driver can maintain firepower for 16 seconds without rest and only take 2.5 seconds to replace a new ammunition chamber.

Skill of Orisa


Halt is one of his typical skills with the same behavior as Zarya’s ultimate. Here Orisa will release a ball of energy, allowing it to draw the opponent in the desired direction once it detonates. Although only active in a small radius and the enemy is dragged away in a split second, Halt is still useful when supporting teammates. In specific cases like Soldier: 76 or Reaper activating the ultimate, Halt can gather the target in the same place for easier destruction.


Fortify is a true defense skill that allows him to halve damage for a given amount of time and is immune to the side effects of the opponent’s skill. For example, in the field test, he could get up right after being hit by Reinhardt’s last Skill (Smashing a hammer to the ground causes all Heroes in the radius to be stunned). Fortify even made him ready to deal with Ana’s Sleep Dart or Sombra’s Hack. It is predicted that this Skill will help Orisa increase the chances of surviving the enemy’s attack, especially since the Hero only has 400 health with half of it being armor.

Protective Barrier

Continuing to be a skill that is prone to burns while allowing him to construct a fixed shield. Imagine this skill acts as a Reinhardt’s shield with 900 health units but cannot move freely and only has a duration of about 20 seconds. Obviously, with this Skill, Overwatch wants him to become a Hero capable of enveloping teammates, which is a task that Reinhardt alone must carry on his shoulder. Especially when D.Va was strongly nerfed in the previous Update, the defensive role of Orisa will definitely be further enhanced.


His ultimate continues towards the goal of supporting Team, but this time it will be completely focused on the offensive side. When activated Orisa will launch Supercharge to the ground, providing 50% more damage to herself and his teammates. Supercharge active radius is 25 meters, sustains 15 seconds, and has 200 health units. Although Supercharge has no high mobility, it is extremely effective when your Team wants to steal points or occupy positions.

Strategy for Orisa

Looking at his skill set, we can see that this is a Hero that fits Bastion well. With the recent update, Bastion has become the focus of attention thanks to more flexibility than ever before. And for Orisa, Bastion will be protected a lot better thanks to his ability to create a shield from afar. In addition, the ability to buff damage is also an extremely scary thing, if combined with Symetra’s armor buff ability, we will have an almost unstoppable force.