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Things you need to know when climbing Valorant rated

Valorant rated

Valorant rated

If you have any questions about Valorant Rated, this article may contain the answers you need to know.

After a few weeks of launching with only a regular game mode (unrated – not ranked), Valorant is finally about to receive a rating mode. According to known information, Valorant’s ranking mode is called “Rated” instead of “Ranked” as in League of Legends. Riot has also launched more detailed information about this mode to help gamers know more about it before actually carrying the gun to enter the arena.

How to join and promote?

Valorant rated

Similar to League’s ranking mode, Valorant gamers must also meet a condition to play Rated rating. Because your account in Valorant has no rank, the condition for playing Rated ratings is not level 30 but to participate in at least 20 regular matches. You can see this is the time to get acquainted with the game as well as “warm-up” before participating in the serious battlefield, the achievement of Valorant.

The game has a total of 8 ranks ranging from low to high: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal, and Valorant. The first 7 Valorant rated are divided into three ranks (similar to the Gold 1, Gold 2, Gold 3 … of League of Legends) and Valorant is similar to the League of Legends challenge when not divided into small steps. If you do not play Rated for 2 weeks, the rates will no longer be displayed in the player’s profile.

Detailed rules of the game

Valorant rated

Riot says that they know the bomb map (called Spike) of the game is more fun when playing with friends, so gamers will be able to create a party of 5 people to participate in the queue of Valorant Rated.

However, one thing gamers need to note is that you can only party with people no more than 2 rates – Gold cannot play with Immortal and vice versa. This requirement is to prevent the level of the two sides from being too far apart, such as one side all gold, while the other side has two Immortal / Valorant players, making the match a collective cramming session.

Every match in Rated will affect your rate. Winning or losing a game will directly affect the amount of rank a player receives or loses, but a player’s achievement is also important. Take the example of losing: the game will calculate your achievements in the previous matches, and if you pay less than normal, the number of points lost will be more. Riot wants to encourage gamers to play their best with the desire to improve their achievements or turn the tables up even when they are at a disadvantage.

A welcome change of Valorant compared to League of Legends is that gamers do not have to drop the rank because they do not play Rated in Valorant but this rank is only hidden and will reappear when you return to Rated. In addition, the ranks that gamers achieve during the current Closed Beta will not remain the same when the game is officially released.

Keep it fair for Valorant Rated

In addition to preventing the players from ranking differences too far in the match, a few other solutions are also implemented to ensure the balance between the two teams.

The situation whenever one team is a 5-person party and the other is a 5-player solo game will not occur because the game’s matchmaking system takes into account the number of people in the party and automatically optimizes the match – the 5-person party will be paired with priority, 4 on 4, something like that.

According to Riot, they have tried to design a ranking system that can solve the problems that gamers often encounter in competition and ranking modes. Riot also knows that the current Valorant Rated formats are still quite young and may be changed in the future, based on feedback from gamers and actual operations.

However, they are quite confident that it will limit the problems that gamers often encounter in the competition and ranking modes such as smurf (playing low-profile new accounts), plowing, unbalance in skills. between the two teams …