Game CMD 368

Find out the most powerful carry when combined with the Space pirate

The Space Pirate adds to activating 3 Swordsmen for Master Yi

The Space Pirate adds to activating 3 Swordsmen for Master Yi

The space pirate is one of the few triggers that can be added to any lineup. In particular, when activating 6 or 8 the space pirate, there are many strong and fun carry for the opponent to freely experiment. Here is some powerful but equally interesting carry when combined with The space pirate. 


In this roster, Master Yi will be the main carry with his standard quality damage. In particular, thanks to activating 8 the space pirate, each champion in this squad has extremely fast attack speed, increasing the speed of using the skill. So the second sub-carry in this team is Ezreal who constantly spams his blood-burning skills. Boosts his opponent’s energy, along with Thresh (should have Shojin) constantly dragging down more champions.

With a large number of champions on that table, Master Yi lived for as long as possible. Because in terms of efficiency, 8 the space pirate is equal to about 3 Guinsoo Rage for Master Yi to fight.


For many, the Guinsoo Xerath is already a fairly familiar game. However, when playing with 8 the space pirate, attack speed was the only thing Xerath didn’t lack. So the appropriate equipment for Xerath would be the Rabadon Witch Hat, Giant Elimination, and the Magic Cloak. With this equipment combo, just need Xerath to transform will release a meteor shower to destroy the entire enemy team with magic damage and his standard damage.

The rest of the mission is still to withstand and buy time for Xerath. Since this lineup does not trigger any tank for tank champions. Their resilience will rely on quantity instead of quality with Thresh’s ability to pull champions continuously.


In this formation, Vayne will play full offensive equipment. Because when there is a super high attack speed of 6 the space pirate. Vayne will comfortably roll to avoid focus from the enemy team. We can take advantage of this to increase the ability Vayne’s vitality without defense. 

As for damage, with attack speed from 6 the space pirate and attack equipment like Infinity Sword, Blue Bow, or Giant Kill. Vayne can shoot down every target on the chessboard. In the early stages, if you want to keep your health and win chain. You can put Lucian in the temporary team like Super Tech + the space pirate + Gladiator + Archer.


The main damage in this formation is spread evenly across the entire team. Ashe is the main effect hero with not very high damage if not up to 3 stars. Similar to Vayne, Ashe can also take advantage of the damage from activating 2 Snipers with Caitlyn. But Ashe’s main strength in this squad will be the ability to completely immobilize the target. He attacks with a spam skill rate of about 1-2 seconds 1 Iceberg.

After all, since all of the above squads have Thresh, you need to keep the strongest card that Thresh can pull down now, Urgot, on the bench.