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Which name deserves more to make the Playoff round?

Which name deserves more to make the Playoff round

Which name deserves more to make the Playoff round?

There is only 1 week left until the playoff round of VCS Summer 2020 is over and we will have the 6 most worthy names to reach the tournament. Except for the big four like GAM, Team Flash, Cerberus, and Team Secret, the opportunity is still open to the top-bottom teams like EVOS, Percent, or SGB. With the current form, perhaps Saigon Buffalo and Percent will compete in the two-way race for a ticket to the top6. Which team’s chances are greater in the playoff round, let us find out!

SGB is the team that won the Percent in both the first leg and the second leg , Which name deserves more to make the Playoff round?
SGB is the team that won the Percent in both the first leg and the second leg


After the departure of a series of veteran names like Bigkoro or Naul, many people expect that in the new generation of Froggy, Style will follow in the footsteps of the men, restore the “red buffalo” empire, and find the aura of YG or PVB someday. However, contrary to the fans’ thoughts, the young SGB’s potential young squad showed a disappointing face at the playoff round, especially the two new elements in the mid lane and ADC.

SGB almost beat TEAM SECRET
SGB almost beat TEAM SECRET

Froggy loses his confidence every day, he is extremely weak in lane, often loses minions and is not alert in critical situations. Style played dangerously as if he were a resilient player, this guy almost every match made a loose move, was caught by the opponent and lay down unnecessarily. Another minus point of Style is that his ability to hold position and deal damage in fights is not really impressive compared to other ADCs in the playoff round in VCS Summer 2020.

Although Hasmed and Meliodas have made progress compared to the past, when Style and Froggy showed a disappointing face, the SGB had to pity the 8th place after the first leg with only one. win. The second leg marked a flourish in both style and performance for the SGB, where the team defeated both OPG and Percent to rekindle a top6 chance. However, when faced with completely more classy teams, the SGB could not create a surprise and pity the unfortunate defeat.

However, we can see that they no longer lose as comprehensively as in the first round of the playoff round. Saigon Buffalo is now playing fairly with any big guy and last week they could have almost won Team Secret if the star ego of Celeb or DNK was not spoken. 

Froggy has been quite active lately the Playoff round
Froggy has been quite active lately

Although Hasmed has shown a rather lackluster performance in recent matches, Style and Froggy have initially become acquainted with the VCS Summer 2020 atmosphere, dismissing the pressure and confidently expressing their own inherent. Especially jungler Meliodas is the highlight of this team, he plays extremely sublimated and is the one who has almost carried the whole team during the past few weeks of play, which we have never seen in Meliodas in the past.


Of the 4 wins of Percent since the beginning of the season, 3 matches are before the big guys of VCS Summer 2020 like Team Flash, GAM, or Team Secret. Perhaps performance is still something that is not stable for any rookie team, where they can destroy both the defending champion and runner-up but lose to an underrated team. Saigon Buffalo both the first leg and the return leg. Except for the experienced ADC Bigkoro who always keeps his normal form, all other names like Eagle, YT, or even Glory show a very erratic face in every match in the playoff round.

Draven is super carrying Bigkoro's team the Playoff round
Draven is super carrying Bigkoro’s team

We can still remember how hard Percent defeated OPG in the first leg even though it was the most unstable time for OPG. And Percent also lost to SGB quickly with the score 0-2 as if they were other people. It can be seen that Percent is playing instinctively, depending on the skill of many players, no methodical, strategic, or somewhat loose pick and ban. Hopefully, the presence of the foreign coach will overcome the Percent’s instability defect, help them be more confident in the upcoming matches and win a ticket to the playoff round.