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White Dragons vs eMonkeyz Prediction – Iberian Cup 2021 – 10/26

White Dragons vs eMonkeyz Prediction

White Dragons vs eMonkeyz prediction on October 26, 2021. The White Dragons will have the opportunity to correct their mistakes after the loss to Astralis SB. And of course, there is no reason why they can’t do what their defeat champion Axolotl did in a relatively simple way.

White Dragons Overview

White Dragons vs eMonkeyz Prediction

In regional tournaments, the teams from Portugal are always at a disadvantage compared to their rivals from Spain. Even the dominant team in LPLOL, the White Dragons, is no exception when they recently had to lose against an underrated team at the Iberian Cup 2021, Astralis SB. The 0-1 defeat against this representative from Spain made the White Dragons fall to the losing bracket of Group B. It also means that they will have to say goodbye to the tournament if they continue to receive more than 1 failure.

Current stats: 

  • Ranking: #167, points: 18715;
  • Winrate: 73% – all time; 0% – last 30 days;
  • Lose streak: 2

Recent matches:

White Dragons01Astralis SB
White Dragons12Fnatic Rising
White Dragons10Team Phantasma
White Dragons10Sector One
White Dragons01Sector One

eMonkeyz Overview

White Dragons vs eMonkeyz Prediction

eMonekyz is a team that was just established not long ago. The Iberian Cup 2021 is only the second professional tournament that this young team has the opportunity to attend. The lack of experience and level of competition of eMonkeyz was evident in the loss to a team only in Tier 2 of Portugal, Axolotl. 

eMonkeyz’s journey at the tournament will also almost come to an end when facing them in the upcoming knockout match will be the White Dragon. A team at a completely different level from the opponent who defeated eMonkeyz in the previous match was Axolotl.

Current stats: 

  • Ranking: #336, points: 2365;
  • Winrate: 26% – all time; 0% – last 30 days;
  • Lose streak: 9

Recent matches:

eMonkeyz 01Axolotl
eMonkeyz 01Cream Real Betis
eMonkeyz 01Movistar Rider
eMonkeyz 01Ucam Esports Club
eMonkeyz 01MAD Lion Madrid

White Dragons vs eMonkeyz Prediction

White Dragons vs eMonkeyz Prediction

With the victory over eMonkeyz, the White Dragons will move on to the final of the losing bracket – where their opponent will be the loser in the match between Astralis SB and Axolotl. Confronting an inferior opponent, eMonkeyz, the White Dragons will definitely be the team that takes the full initiative to lead the match and thereby win the highest victory.


PWLLast 5
1Astralis SB110W
3White Dragons101L
4eMonkeyz 101L

White Dragons vs eMonkeyz Bet Prediction

White Dragons vs eMonkeyz total score prediction:

Game 1: White Dragons win

Total score 1-0

First blood:

Game 1: White Dragons

Total kills:

Game 1: White Dragons 15-4 eMonkeyz


White Dragons: LeChase, Aziado, Alternative, Slayer, Xaky, Mart

eMonkeyz: Ryuin, Fede, Jony, ManoloGap, RTeks

There are the informations we have for th upcoming White Dragons vs eMonkeyz match on Oct 26, 2021. Hope those will help you to have a better look and make the right bet.