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League of legend: Wild Rift 7 Mistakes That beginner Junglers Often Make

Wild Rift

Wild Rift is fairly difficult to master, many beginner players often make mistakes as a jungler. 

Jungler is a role that relies on jungle monsters to get EXP and Gold. The role of jungler is very important because it can help the team to get Dragon and Baron Nasher. In addition, Jungler is also a roamer in charge of ganking.

Wild Rift

Unlike the usual roles, Junglers have a unique playstyle which is actually quite complicated to master. In order to improve your role as a jungler, a player must master the Champion mechanism, farming rotation and ganking. No wonder, beginners often make several mistakes when playing as a jungler.

Well, We will discuss the common mistakes that beginner junglers players often make in League of Legend Wild Rift. Let’s take a look below.

The Red and Blue Buff – Wild Rift

As a jungler, getting red and blue monsters buff  will be the most important task. With a red buff, jungler will have a slow effect on each attack. In addition, the red buff can also deal True Damage. On the other hand, the blue buff can quickly restore Mana and Energy. Outside of battle, the blue buff can regenerate health very quickly.

Both buffs are very important for a jungler. Unfortunately, for some beginners the lack of map awareness allows the enemy team junglers to steal it. Map awareness is extremely important for a  jungler as well as ganking.

Supporting Your Teammates

One of the functions of a jungler is to help your teammates during the early game phase. The jungler should assist teammates in Dragon Lane and Baron Lane whenever needed. Junglers really need the kills or assists to increase their Level. If you only rely on forest monsters, junglers are guaranteed to be left behind in terms of EXP and Gold. It will be difficult for junglers to be able to fight enemies from. So, try to roam as much as possible and pick some kills.

Dragon and Baron Nasher

Wild Rift

Dragon in Wild Rift is one of the monsters that is very important. This is because Dragon can give permanent buffs to all teammates who defeated it.  And Baron Buff allows you to push into the enemy base and destroy the enemy nexus with strengthened minions. It can have a huge impact on the battle. Junglers are the most important role in securing Dragon or Baron. 

Indeed, the jungler would not be able to beat the Baron alone. However, a good jungler can initiate an attack on the Baron and enlist the help of teammates.

The Rift Scuttler – Wild Rift

The Rift Scuttler is a small monster in the upper and lower rivers. For some reason, the novice junglers ignored this monster. Even though the Rift Scuttler is a key monster for easy ganking rotation. The Rift Scuttler will provide a vision effect in the river area after being successfully killed, each teammate who passes through the area will also get additional movement speed.

The Rift Scuttler can also be the key in dominating the battle area. Because, the vision bonus given by the Rift Scuttler is very useful for monitoring enemy game rotation. In fact, teammates on Dragon Lane and Baron Lane can rely on this vision to anticipate the ganking of enemy champions.

Ganking and Lane Farming

Wild Rift

Ganking is a “MUST” for a jungler. Because, ganking can slow down the progress of enemy Champions (when they die they don’t get EXP and Gold). In addition, ganking can also benefit teammates because they get additional kill points or assists. However, not all jungler players understand how to gank effectively and correctly.

Another ridiculous mistake for a beginner is Lane farming. It is absolutely something junglers should avoid at all cost. Because, minions are prioritized for ADC, midlaner, or offlaner. Junglers can get their EXP and Gold by eliminating monsters in jungle areas only. If all jungle monsters have been killed, the jungler can do ganking or steal monsters in the enemy jungler.