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Wild Rift Will Release “The Battle of Baron” To Celebrate New Beta Server Opening!

The Battle of Baron

The Battle of Baron – The second phase of Open beta launch for League of Legends: Wild Rift is almost here. Within days, eight regions will get their own servers for Wild Rift. The regions that will receive this Wild Rift latest beta phase are Vietnam, Oceania, Taiwan, Europe, Turkey, Russia, CIS, Middle East and North Africa.

The Battle of Baron

On Dec 8, Wild Rift will start its expansion in Oceania, Taiwan, and Vietnam. And for Europe,  Middle East, North Africa, Russia, CIS, and Turkey, Its will begin on Dec 10. As for North America, South America, and India. It will come in on spring 2021. In terms of game stability and coordination among international players, Wild Rift has revealed that the server quality will be improved to support this intelligence.

The Battle of Baron

The Battle of Baron

And to celebrate the expansion of Wild Rift, Riot will be holding a big event. Through the official LoL Wild Rift Twitter account they announced the “Youtube Live Experience” event called “The Battle of Baron“. Riot has yet to provide further details about what event will be coming from “The Battle of Baron”.

However, because this event will be held on Youtube, many people predict that Riot Games will release an animated short film. And knowing Riot Games and their history with short films or animated trailers, we can expect very high production content from them.

One of their latest animated footage that has wowed League of legends: Wild Rift fans, is the animated trailer for the Wild Rift entitled “You Really Got Me” and the virtual music video for Riot girl group, K/DA

Because of this, the short animated video could be a very lively opening for the regions that will receive an upcoming beta server!

This is the event “The Battle of Baron” that Wild Rift will Release! Stay tuned for more updates and Guide!!