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Winstrike Team vs Chicken Fighters Prediction – 07/26

Winstrike Team vs Chicken Fighters Prediction

Winstrike Team vs Chicken Fighters Prediction

Winstrike Team vs Chicken Fighters prediction on July 26, 2021. It’s not surprising that Chicken Fighters will be the team that owns a better lineup right from the ban/pick stage, all 5 of their members have quite rich pool statistics that are completely better than the opponent.

Winstrike Team Overview

Although they had their first victory against AS Monaco Gambit, that did not make Winstrike Team improve many positions in the rankings, they only brought back only 1 victory, the remaining 2 losses were up to now. 

There is not much hope for Winstrike Team in this match if looking at the last 8 matches that only brought 3 wins, even 2 encounters with Chicken Fighters received defeats. At the moment, the opponent is also in higher form than Winstrike Team, so if this continues to be a defeat for Winstrike Team, it is not strange at all.

Chicken Fighters Overview

Chichken Fighters are showing a good start in Dota 2 Champion League, they brought back 2 victories, the remaining 2 defeats are temporarily ranked 4th on the rankings. Obviously, having 2 consecutive victories plus a better head-to-head record than Chicken Fighters is the top team, even if you look at the last 9 matches, they only lost 3 matches. From the above analysis, it can be confirmed that a victory is within the reach of Chicken Fighters, even an overwhelming victory.

Winstrike Team vs Chicken Fighters prediction

Both teams have a fighting style, so it can be said that this will be a match with many kills, but Winstrike Team shows that they often make mistakes in the early game and then fall apart. Winstrike Team’s 2 SP positions show a lack of safety in their play, their lack of experience in the late game makes it bad to protect key positions. 

The safest position in Winstrike Team is probably chshrct, playing quite well in the Offlane position but perhaps he alone is not enough to bring a victory for this team. Not only is the individual skill worse, but the tactics of Winstrike Team are also not good, unreasonable roams or odd situations do not bring much effect. 

That caused them to gradually lose control in the mid-game when the outer turret was gradually peeled off, when the opponent was too much ahead in terms of money, Winstrike Team also had no chance to flip the bet. From the above reasons, the final score is predicted to be 2-0 in favor of the Chicken Fighters, when they are marginally better in both performance and head-to-head record.

Winstrike Team vs Chicken Fighters bet prediction

Winstrike Team vs Chicken Fighters total score prediction:

  • Winstrike Team 0-1 Chicken Fighters
  • Winstrike Team 0-1 Chicken Fighters

Total score 0-2 (Chicken Fighters won the handicap 1.5)

First Kill:

  • Game 1: Chicken Fighter
  • Game 2: Chicken Fighter

Total Kill Point:

  • Game 1: Winstrike Team 14-29 Chicken Fighters (Under)
  • Game 2: Winstrike Team 27-36 Chicken Fighters (Over)


Winstrike Team: DyrachYO,  Dame,  chshrct,  yamich,  Pantomem

Chicken Fighters: charlie,  Supream^,  Xibbe,  Era,  Peksu