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Winstrike vs LDLC Prediction – Funspark ULTI 2021 – 04/03

Winstrike vs LDLC prediction

Winstrike vs LDLC prediction

Winstrike vs LDLC prediction on April 03, 2021. LDLC has just finished the Snow Sweet Snow 3 Regionals tournament with a 12-14 ranking with three consecutive defeats against SKADE, Nordavind, and Galaxy Racer. Winstrike wins 1 time in individual matches in tournaments and LDLC team wins 1 time respectively.

Winstrike Overview

Winstrike is playing in a low streak but not too bad in the recent tournaments they have attended. In his last ten matches, Winstrike got five victories and defeats in the remaining five matches. With this achievement, it is quite difficult to judge how well the Winstrike players can perform when coming to the group stage of this Funspark ULTI 2021 Europe Regional Series 1 tournament.

In their group stage, Winstrike is the team that possesses the best strength, so the chance for them to move on to the playoffs is quite bright. As long as the Winstrike players do not break the game, the Winstrike vs LDLC prediction expert thinks that they can completely take a place in the top 2 in Group C.

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LDLC Overview

Bringing that rather lackluster performance to this Funspark ULTI 2021 Europe Regional Series 1 group stage will be a big deal for LDCD players. Only two teams in this group can get a chance to advance to the playoffs, so if you want to win that spot, the LDCD players will need to work hard. They have a clear advantage on Dust2 with an 80% win rate. If you can take advantage of this advantage, the chances of winning LDLC will be much higher.

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Winstrike vs LDLC prediction

Basically, the expert thinks that the performance of both teams in recent times is not too excellent and lacks stability. However, there must still be a higher rated team and the winner in this match and that is Winstrike. Earlier this year the Winstrike players performed much better than the previous year and moved up to 22nd in the world rankings.

In the previous two encounters, Winstrike successfully defeated LDLC and brought his victory. The Winstrike vs LDLC prediction expert thinks that with this match Winstrike will still be the team to make better use of their advantages and defeat LDLC with the final result 2-1.

Winstrike vs LDLC result prediction

Total Score

  • Map1: Winstrike
  • Map2: LDLC
  • Map3: Winstrike
  • Total score 2-1

Total Rounds

  • Map1: Winstrike 16-10 LDLC
  • Map2: Winstrike 13-16 LDLC
  • Map3: Winstrike 16-8 LDLC

Pistol Round Winner

  • Map1: LDLC
  • Map2: Winstrike
  • Map3: Winstrike

First 5 Rounds Winner

  • Map1: Winstrike
  • Map2: LDLC
  • Map3: Winstrike


  • Winstrike: NickelBack, Krad, Lack1, El1an, Forester
  • LDLC: SIXER, Lambert, hAdji, Maka, Keoz

Past Encounters

  • Wins in the last 5 matches: Winstrike – 2 / LĐLC – 5
  • Wins in the last 10 matches: Winstrike – 5 / LDLC – 7