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Witch Doctor – The “evil” witch – MiniGuide DOTA 2

Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor is one of the top favored supporters in DOTA 2 thanks to the versatility of the skill set, including full damage, healing, stun. Let’s find out how to play Witch Doctor through the Guide DOTA 2 tutorial.


Witch Doctor has always been considered one of the most favored supporters of DOTA 2 thanks to the skill set that converges all the factors that cause damage, stun, total health, and long-range, easy harass, and carrier protection lane. 

Before getting to know the details of how to play Switch doctor, we must understand the parameters of Switch doctor to be able to use this hero more effectively.

  • Strength: 16 (+ 1.8 / level)
  • Agility: 13 (+ 1.4 / level)
  • Intelligence: 24 (+ 2.9 / level)
  • Base HP (Level 1/25): 454/1651
  • Mana: 312/1469
  • Damage: 51-61 / 140-150
  • Range: 600
  • Armor: 0.82 / 8.32
  • Movement speed: 305

We can evaluate that, It can be seen that the Witch Doctor’s health and armor are quite fragile. It makes him easy to be a target in odd ganks or the first victim when a fight breaks out. Therefore, do not be “aggressive” rushing to the top of the team, but need to maintain a standing position.

In addition, hand damage starts well and has a long range, allowing the Witch Doctor to harass enemies easily. However, his health and armor are very low, so stay away from creeps. So they won’t be attacked when harassing the enemy.


Knowing information about the general’s skills is also one of the good playable tips for newbies. People is learning how to play Switch Doctor

To begin with, Paralyzing Cask is a skill that when the Witch Doctor throws a magic vase at the opponent. It jumps back and forth between nearby targets, stunning and dealing damage to each enemy it bounces through. Use range: 700, Average bounce: 575, Number of bounces: 2/4/6/8, Damage to champions: 50. Damage to creeps: 75/100/125/150, Stun duration on heroes: 1s, Stun duration on creeps: 5s. Mana cost: 110/120/130/140, Cooldown: 20/18/16 / 14s.

Second, Voodoo Restoration is a skill that causes the Witch Doctor to heal nearby allies every second. But his mana will be reduced over time. Influence: 500, Mana per second: 8/12/16/20, Heal per second: 16/24/32/40, Mana needs starting point: 20/30/40/50.

Third, Maledict is the Witch Doctor who curses enemies in a small area, causing them to lose health every second. In addition, every 4 seconds, they will be dealt additional damage based on the amount of health lost. Since the skill hit up to that point. Use Range: 525, Influence Range: 180, Damage per second: 5/10/15/20. Damage rate based on amount of health loss: 16% / 24% / 32% / 40%. Buff Duration: 12s, Mana cost: 12s, Cooldown: 20s.

Finally, The Death Ward helps the Witch Doctor summon a magical stake, shooting at nearby enemies. At level 3 or with Aghanim’s Scepter, the bullets fired from this stake will bounce back and forth between targets. The attack range of the pile is 700, the pile will fire every 0.22s. Range: 60s, Duration: 8 seconds, Bounce range: 650, Bounces: 0/0/1 (4/4/4 if Aghanim’s Scepter). Damage: 60/90/120 ( 90/120/150 with Aghanim’s Scepter), Mana cost: 200s, and Cooldown: 80s. 


To be able to play Switch Doctor well, you should maximize the Paralyzing Cask skill first. Because this is an extremely strong combat skill with continuous stun time and high damage to monsters. It can be used to farm jungle monsters. Maledict should be a second priority after the Paralyzing Cask.

If you are on a lane-trip match with your opponent and your carrier is too strong, you can go to Voodoo Restoration to heal your teammates. In addition, if your teammates are not heavily configured, you can save points on Paralyzing Cask and Maledict to maximize the damage done.