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Dota 2 – World Esports Elite Competition: Southeast Asia

eDivisie/2019-20 Season/Season 2

eDivisie/2019-20 Season/Season 2

World Esports Elite Competition: Southeast Asia is an online tournament for Southeast Asian teams organized by Changsha Helong Culture Communication Co., Ltd.t. The twelve invited teams will be separated into two 6-team groups and play with bo2 round-robin. Top 2 teams of every group advance to the upper bracket of the playoffs. This article will show you the Southeast Asia schedule, prize pool, group stage standing.

World Esports Elite Competition: Southeast Asia


  • Two 6-team groups with Bo2 round-robin
  • Top 2 teams of each group advance to the bracket of the Playoffs
  • 3rd and 4th place team of each group advance to lower bracket of the Playoffs
  • Other teams are eliminated
  • Bo3 Double-elimination Playoffs, except the Bo5 Grand Final.

World Esports Elite Competition: Southeast Asia schedule

12 teams that participate in the tournament: Team Adroit, Execration, Cignal Ultra, Neon Esports, NEW Esports, CR, The New Top, StarLuck.Fly, Apocalypse Tank, Vice Esport, Drongen Gaming, Team Trust.

07/1712:00NEW Esports – Apocalypse Tank 
14:00NEW Esports – Cignal Ultra 
16:00Vice – Cignal Ultra 
07/1816:00Apocalypse Tank – Team Adroit 
18:00NEW Esports  – Team Adroit 
07/1912:00CR – Team Adroit 
14:00CR – NEW Esports 
16:00CR – Apocalypse Tank 
18:00Vice – Team Adroit 
07/2012:00CR – Cignal Ultra 
14:00CR – Vice 
18:00Vice – Apocalypse Tank 

World Esports Elite Competition: Southeast Asia prize pool

¥ 300,00 CNY (≃$42,928 USD) is spread among the teams as seen below:

Place$ USD¥ CNYTeam
5th – 6thTBD
7th – 8thTBD
9th – 10thTBD

Southeast Asia group stage standings

Group A

1.Apocalypse Tank1-0-02p
1.NEW Esports1-0-02p
3.Cignal Esports0-1-11p
3.Team Adroit0-1-01p
5.Vice Esports0-0-10p

Group B

1.Drongen Gaming1-0-02p
1.Team Trust1-0-02p
 Neon Esports0-0-00p
3.The New Top0-0-20p