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Worms Rumble Guide – 4 essential tips & tricks for beginners

Worms Rumble Guide

Worms Rumble releases today on PS4, PS5, and PC and is one of the free PlayStation Plus games in December 2020. A far cry from the old turn-based tactical Worms, Rumble is a multiplayer action shooter game. Play in real-time with flips, wall jumps, and rolling by rolling into a small deep ball.  We’re on hand to give out a useful Worms Rumble guide to help lock down some early wins.

Keep Moving – Worms Rumble Guide

Worms Rumble Guide

The most important thing to keep in mind when playing Worms Rumble, like most multiplayer games, is that you almost never get to stand still. You’re an easy target while you’re on the floor not only because you’re not moving, but because you’ll take damage from poorly targeted explosives that would otherwise miss. You have several options to avoid the oncoming fire so always remember to keep jumping, upside down, and most importantly…

Keep Rolling – Worms Rumble Guide

Roll fast and make you a smaller target in Worms Rumble. Naturally, it helps you get around the map faster and dodge attacks, but you can also use it to get out of a skirmish or, better yet, get into a fight quickly. to clear some enemies that have taken damage. Just keep an eye on the stamina meter to make sure you don’t run out of steam as you rush towards your target as this can often end in an embarrassing death. Of course, an important part of being on the go most of the time is that you need to…

Know When to Stop

As Worms Rumble guide, Most of your time in Worms Rumble will be spent running, rolling, and jumping, but there will be times when standing still really helps. The most satisfying kills are when you spot someone coming around a corner, put your deep foot, and take them down with a few well-aimed shots. You’re more accurate standing still, but you’re more vulnerable, so weigh the risk versus reward – if they’re carrying a giant rocket launcher it’s time to be more scarce!

Get Guns – Worms Rumble Guide

Worms Rumble Guide

Guns are pretty important when shooting other players in Worms Rumble, so you’ll want to pick up some. Sure you’ll spawn a gun, but the best guns are usually found in each level, and picking it up gives you two advantages: first, it means you now have a larger, usually more powerful gun; and second, it means the other person doesn’t have a big gun, because you already have it.

Try to remember where weapons appear on a level and test them on your way to your next fight. You should also keep an eye on your ammunition. If you’re in the middle of battles and you happen to find a perfectly good, unused gun, it might be worth switching so you’re back with full ammo. While you’re there, perhaps you should…

Get Everything Else Too

Worms Rumble Guide

Other pickups include grenades and mobility abilities like grappling hooks or jet packs. In the Worms Rumble guide, grenades can be invaluable for a variety of reasons, such as tossing them into corners or into a small nook where enemies are hiding, or simply to wreak havoc. the room is full of worms with banana bombs or divine grenades.

Jetpacks and grappling hooks are extremely useful not only for getting around faster but also because you’re a much harder target when you’re hovering over someone’s carpet bombing them with rockets or spinning like Tarzan with the rocket launcher. Best of all, they’re really fun, but like anything else, to use them to their fullest potential you really just need to…