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Wukong – powerful play full of efficiency

Wukong with armor penetration is a god at the end of the battle

Wukong with armor penetration is a god at the end of the battle

After receiving an edit from Riot Games, Wukong is gradually gaining popularity in the jungle or top lane. In the professional arena, players often choose the fighting style for him with the entrance to the Black cleaver which is the most important equipment, combined with the conquering summoner specialist.

However, we still have another effective way of playing with this champ. A game that may not be new but gradually forgotten when he is remade. That is the play of Wukong lethality.

Building items for Wukong

Wukong is not a champion that can withstand too well. So an item that provides both defense and damage like Bone of stone is really suitable. Besides, the passive spell helps him rush into the enemy team more confidently. The main equipment to help him stack damage is Duskblade of Drakthar. Combined with Fiddlesticks (E) followed by Crushing Blow (Q), almost causing the opponent’s blood to drop without breaking.

Black Cleaver is another key item needed for him. Except for each attack armor combined with the ability to accelerate when hitting will help increase the ability to pursue. Extra health and reduced cooldown are also necessary indicators of Wukong.

Equip Wukong against bloody enemies, or other gladiators, Lord Dominik’s Regard. This will be an important piece of equipment late in the game, helping him more influence in the fight. It can be replaced with Mortal Reminder if the enemy has multiple healing effects.

As mentioned, he is not really a good tank, so items like Death’s Dance both increase damage and defense. His characteristic is that the hero rushes into the team fight. So an item that helps reduce the duration of crowd control like Mercury’s treads is very useful.

For situational equipment, Guardian Angel will help Wukong to stir up the team. Hide and disappear, and have another kill that will help him complete his mission better. When the opponent has too much magic damage, the Maw of Malmortius is equipped to ensure you not lie down too quickly. A lethal item that can be considered when he does not need the ability to chase or accelerate to open a fight is Youmuu’s ghost blade.

Overview of gameplay

Always start with the Doran Shield and potions. Because Wukong is not a champion with strong lanes, so in the first turn, with 900 – 1200 money, please buy 2 more Doran’s Shield and a Casual of boots. Many people will ask why do you need 3 Doran’s Shields? The answer is simple because Warrior Tricksterdoes not need blood, damage, and lifesteal to sustain longer. And 2 Doran’s Shield cost 900 gold. An initial bar gives him up to 24 physical damage, 240 health, and 9% lifesteal.

The mi game is when you have 1-2 items, at this time when you charge you will not be enough damage to make it difficult for the heroes to resist. Instead, approach weak opponents like gunner or magician. The combo at this time should be the Warrior Trickster (W) – Cyclone (R) to capture the main enemy. Then use Nimbus Strike (E) to chase and finish with Crushing Blow (Q). If you make good use of the power in the middle of the game, you can completely accelerate the game to the end. Before the opponent reaches the threshold of strength, and the influence of Wukong is reduced.

With the lethality, he will become an assassin with very uncomfortable ability in the late game. You can inflict tons of damage on enemies with skill and pickup. The Impulse Impact provides the killing power needed to finish off an opponent. Wukong may be the only champion who can activate this gem multiple times, 5 seconds with the skill of the Nimbus Strike (E), 5 seconds with the star Warrior Trickster (W) at the end of the match.