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Wytchwood Guide – Tips And Tricks For New Players


Wytchwood is an adventure game where crafting spells and reagents are its names. You play as an old witch who is suddenly awakened by a damn black goat. After learning of the covenant you made with this goat before falling asleep, you now need to acquire twelve souls to bring to the goat to save a hibernating maiden.

Always Collect Materials

Wytchwood 2

Each spell or reagent requires a different set of ingredients, and the game offers a seemingly depleted amount of materials that can be added to your inventory. Since quests require you to always craft spells and reagents, you’ll want to stock up on any materials you come across.

Filling your inventory will take a long time, so don’t fret about picking up that fifteenth or twentieth leaf. What makes collecting materials so easy in Wytchwood is that they can respawn quite often. Usually when you leave an area and return to that area later, even during the same play session.

Witch Eye Sense – Wytchwood 

One of the powers of witchcraft that you become aware of in the early game is your witcher senses. This otherworldly feeling allows you to freeze time, tick an item on your order, learn about it, and then add that information to your grimoire, at least in the case of ghosts. art. and reagents.

Your wizarding senses are best used whenever you enter a new area and don’t know exactly what materials, plants, or creatures exist around. Plus, if you find yourself stuck on a quest, you may need to use your wizarding senses on a specific creature or material to get a spell or a reagent to craft.

Spells Versus Reagents

Wytchwood 1

What is the exact difference between casting spells and creating reagents? Simply, charms require one or two ingredients while reagents typically require multiple steps and properties to craft, however, you need both to progress in the game.

You acquire new spells and reagents in your expansive spellbook by learning about them naturally from the game world. Every time you learn about a new spell, it is automatically added to your grimoire, and now you can easily start creating it.

Highlight An Item – Wytchwood 

While browsing through the different steps of a spell or the ingredients needed for the reagents to complete a quest, you may wonder how it is even possible to find all the items. Fortunately, the game supports you in that you can find out where a specific item is located, just by marking it in the menu.

Yes, any document or item can be marked to find it, whether it’s swamps, woods, fields, graveyards, and the like. Since many crafting items require multiple steps and ingredients, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with where to find them.

Focus On One Quest


Wytchwood has a lot of stressful missions. These missions revolve around helping citizens in and around fantasy-inspired areas. These quests eventually lead you to find one of the twelve souls you need to repay the goat that resides in your swampy area.

The quest has many layers and can take a lot of time and patience to complete. Most of this comes from having to constantly traverse multiple areas, crafting various spells and reagents, and combining steps to solve only part of the quest, the best advice is to take your time to enjoy each mission.

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