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4 Best Xbox One Party Games To Try In 2021

Xbox One party games

Xbox One party games

That’s what we did before 2020 and we’re still having a hard time keeping our distance. However, there are still plenty of party games available to play with your local family or even your friends online. In this list, we’ll highlight some of the best Xbox One party games. For now, because these games are so distinct with genres that weave around fighting games, puzzles, racing titles, etc., we won’t be listing these picks in any ranking. Instead, here are just some of the solid video game titles we think you might want to check out.

Drawful 2

Xbox One party games

Drawful 2 is the standalone sequel to The Jackbox Party Pack’s Drawful. This is a game that only requires the server to host a copy of the game before the code is set up to allow other players to join the fun. In the game, players are given an eccentric stage to draw with other players forced to guess what the drawing is from the types of stages presented. 

The player is only awarded points if the team chooses the correct phase. Like other Jackbox Party Pack Xbox One party games, this is a very simple game to understand and a fun one to play with friends. That said, because it’s a drawing game, the gameplay works best if people can connect to the game with their smartphones, which will allow for an easier time drawing a Picture.

Fru – Xbox One party games

Xbox One party games

Remember Kinect? The developers didn’t take advantage of that device too much in a way to get players excited about it. However, Fru is an exception as it is a fun little platformer. The game is played with two players where one player is using a controller to maneuver a character around the platforms while the secondary player is on the Kinect. With the secondary character’s body, they can create or take away different platforms, causing a bit of a puzzle game to figure out how to get through the levels. This is one of Kinect’s hidden gems worth buying.

Fall Guys

Fall Guys is a game that has taken the world by storm in 2020. In a time when we’ve all been locked in our homes and are just getting through the beginnings of these quarantines, Fall Guys has brought us, people, to play an escape from reality. This is a quirky battle royale title where players battle other players in a series of minigames. From having to race through obstacles to competing in randomly generated teams, players will go through this game hoping to be the last player standing.

While this game has always allowed players to get together and group them into teams when possible, there is a new squad-focused mode in the works. This will allow all members of a team to win the crown if one of that team’s players completes the game as the last player standing. It’s still one of the Xbox One party games where each player finds his or her own, but at the end of the game, all you need is just one of your team members winning to reap the glory.

Cake Bash – Xbox One party games

Xbox One party games

Cake Bash is a fun little fight game that puts players in the role of delicious little cakes. In this game, players are offered different minigames to compete with, such as beating it as they scramble to get as many candies on their bodies before time runs out. With the ability to punch and use weapons against each other, players can also smash opposing players’ candies to collect. Not to mention that the game will drop different hazards throughout the level that will again spill the different little candies you’ve picked up throughout the round.