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XCOM 2 Guide – Tips To Help Beginners Survive The Game



For 20 years, we have lived under alien rule. They have invaded our cities, taken over our government and they are exploiting our people. Toppling this ruthless hegemon won’t be easy, but we’ve followed a quick list of the most important combat tactics every commander should know before they join XCOM. If you want to survive the merciless attack of XCOM 2, keep these tips in mind.

Engineers – XCOM 2


Just like in Enemy Unknown, you can recruit new engineers and scientists to assist you in researching and crafting new weapons and technologies. Scientists certainly have their uses as they speed up research, but Engineers are far more versatile and valuable, especially early on. 

Engineers help exploit new rooms and are needed to staff certain rooms. For example, putting an engineer in a generator will increase its output. Staffing the medical center with an engineer will improve your team’s recovery time. Try to gather some engineers soon.

Grenades – XCOM 2

At the start, your soldiers will be equipped with a grenade. Don’t be afraid to use it. In the early missions, grenades are basically a way of killing weaker enemies, and they’re a good way to make sure your rookie levels up. Your Grenadiers will then earn the ability to carry more grenades and create bigger explosions. 

This is great for taking out groups of enemies (ideal as a first attack when hiding) or stripping armor from stronger enemies. It’s not a bad idea to put two Grenadiers on each mission, especially after you’ve scaled up your team…which will lead us to the next point.

Guerilla Training School – XCOM 2

The Guerilla Training School is a useful room, and it should be one of the earliest additions to the Avenger. Not only does it allow you to train your Rookie to any class you want, but it also allows you to purchase a significant amount of bonus perks in combat, including the ability to increase your team size – something you will also want to make it as possible. Most Guerrilla Training School upgrades are pretty valuable, so keep signing up there and buy those perks.

Upgrade Weapons And Armor


Even a team of your best soldiers will only be as good as the equipment you give them. If they run around with duct tape under their boots, they’ll probably end up like a stain on an alien’s shoe. Good ones to research early on are Magnetic Weapons and Plated Armor, which allow you to craft better weapons and armor respectively. 

At first, this research will take a long time, since you don’t have many scientists, but if you have unlocked the Black Market, you can spend resources doing rushed research, which cuts it in half its development time.

The Psi-Lab


Psi-Lab shouldn’t be your top priority (build that Guerilla Training School), but don’t wait too long to build a dedicated psi training area. Magic-assisted agents are the fifth class of XCOM 2, but they don’t level up in the traditional way. To learn new skills, you need to bring a rookie into Psi-Lab. Thankfully, psi-operatives can learn some of the most exciting and powerful abilities in the game. These detachments are fun to use, so start training your army of Professor Xaviers early.