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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Best Side Characters Of The Game

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is rich with great characters, from an engaging and memorable cast of playable characters to a multitude of intriguing, engaging, nefarious, and most importantly, current side characters. statue. Throughout the incredibly long main story, you’ll meet all sorts of people. 

Tatazo – Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 2

Tatazo is Tora’s lovable father, who was kidnapped by Bana and forced to create an army of cyborg slaves. He also happens to be the creator of the first artificial blade, Lila. Tatazo is a great character simply because he’s such a lovable father figure.

His goofy mustache combined with Nopon’s cute aesthetic makes him the complete opposite, while also pairing Puss in Boots with Ron Swanson. Although he hasn’t been in this game for a long time, Tatazo has definitely made a memorable impression.


Amalthus appears occasionally throughout your adventures, in both modern-day cutscenes and flashbacks. He was the original driver of both Malos and Minoth. While he’s always been a pretty important character, he ends up being a hugely important figure that greatly influences the events of your journey.

Once again, Amalthus is expanded in the DLC, but his nuanced character still has a lot of screen time in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and serves as the driving force for a lot of events to happen. Suffice it to say, Amalthus is one of the integral characters in the game’s story.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 1

It would be impossible not to include the stern titan turned adorable baby titan Azurda (aka Gramps) on this list. Gramps plays a huge role in the game as both the cheerleader and savior of the main characters.

He acts like a father figure to Rex, and has a strong bond with him throughout the entire game. He shouts words of encouragement from the sidelines and advises the rest of the group when they need it. Gramps feels like a mash-up of all those elderly characters from Studio Ghibli’s countless incredible works and makes the game  even better.

Mikhail – Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Mikhail is one of the villains in the game and works for the organization Torna, of which Jin and Malos are a part. He’s the comedic rescue of villains, perplexing and flirting with him through each encounter. He’s charming, selfish, and a bit goofy for the most part, but is then redeemed in a truly impactful scene.

Mikhail may not be the scariest villain, but he offers an alternative perspective to the game’s villains and makes them seem a lot more human and nuanced. He is expanded in the DLC, which makes him even more attractive in the base game.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 wouldn’t be the same without the evil, evil Malos. He is the embodiment of pure evil, hating the world as his original controller Amalthus did, and as such, a truly fearsome force.

His evil presence throughout the game helps spur the main cast to continue their adventures and prompts Rex to have a hugely important reveal later in the game. While he’s pretty villainous for much of the game, there are moments of vulnerability shown to ensure he retains most of the nuance. Either way, Malos should definitely be considered one of the best villains in the JRPG.

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