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Xenoblade Chronicles X Guide – Things Yous Should Know

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles X

In a year filled with massive open worlds, Xenoblade Chronicles X‘s total area is the largest of them all, and its system is unbelievably complex. The problem with Xenoblade is that it’s not always clear what does what, as the game explains some of its biggest, most complicated concepts with a few lines of text, then hopefully you’ll see for yourself. find out everything. 

Take time – Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Mira is a big place, and it has a lot going on. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the different quests, monsters, and concepts that Xenoblade throws at you during the game’s opening hours. Don’t sweat. Just take your time, immerse yourself in the sights and do what interests you, whether it’s following the story or wondering about planting data probes. 

In fact, everything you do earns you experience, whether it’s fighting monsters or simply wandering to a place you’ve never visited before. Eventually, you’ll find Xenoblade’s unique rhythm for yourself and things will start to settle down.

Upgrade skills and equip arts

There are 3 different things to upgrade in Xenoblade Chronicles X. First, it’s your character’s level, which determines your overall stats and what items you can equip. Having your class level grants you access to various arts (combat abilities) and skills (passive buffs). Finally, you also have the BLADE level (I’ll go deeper in a few slides). 

Leveling up, exploring the world, and completing other in-game actions will grant you ability points that you can use to upgrade the power of your skills and arts. Thing is, the game doesn’t really tell you when you have a new ability to use or when you have enough points to upgrade something, so make sure to pop into your menu from time to time and change it. change your payload.

And, if you’re happy with it, take a look at your soul voices and customize them to your liking. These will grant you various stat boosts when certain conditions are met in battle, and you have a lot of freedom in choosing what they do. Don’t worry too much about it, though – you can get through the entire game without any of those issues.

Level up Mechanical skill – Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles X

As you gain XP, you will increase your BLADE rank in addition to your class and character level. Each new level of your BLADE rating grants you more customization options in your barracks, as well as the chance to increase one of your field skills. These are the skills you need to interact with various artifacts and salvage you find in the field (effectively like Xenoblade’s version of a treasure chest) as well as to plant data explorations. However, you don’t gain these abilities immediately – you have to talk to Eleonora next to the BLADE Terminal in the Administration District to get them.

Blue crystal

Xenoblade Chronicles X

As you explore Mira in Xenoblade Chronicles X, you’ll find blue crystals dotted around the landscape. Pick these up whenever you get the chance, as each crystal is essentially a random drop that you’ll need to stock up on constantly. Sometimes you’ll need them to complete a quest, and most of what you pick up can be used to upgrade your gear. You can also ‘spend’ an item to register it in the Collection, and the more items you register, the more bonuses you can earn. So if you see a blue crystal, pick it up.