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Heroes of the Storm: Xul Talent Build Guide


Xul is a high damage Bruiser, abusing his strong AoE damage from his ability to quickly destroy any wave of minions, then allowing him to create multiple Skeleton Warriors thanks to Raise Skeleton, making him a huge threat to the towers and wave expansion much harder to erase. He also excels at close combat, as he can easily knock Cursed Strike on multiple targets, reducing their attack speed and making him really hard to deal with without control. crowd control.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Xul



  • Exceptional waveclear
  • Excellent AoE damage
  • Significant self-maintenance thanks to Bone Armor Icon Bone Armor and Harvest Vitality Icon Harvest Vitality
  • Deadly wound icon Deadly wound reflecting healing power
  • Take good control of the crowd for the party to follow through Bone Prison Icon Bone Prison
  • Can apply multiple debuffs for attack speed, damage, healing, and armor


  • Very susceptible crowd control
  • Weak against works with long-range or intrusive heroes
  • It’s really hard to play against the counter
  • Easy to be ganked
  • Requires good location

Talent Build

Scythe Build

Scythe build provides more AoE damage thanks to the Spectral Scythe Cooldown reduction and the additional Scythe provided by the Echo of Death at Level 13. Due to Death Wounds at Level 20, This build becomes especially robust against the Dual Assist component that relies on a lot of healing. Unfortunately, the Scythe Build relies heavily on Decrepify, which comes a bit late, and might not be a good option if your team is looking for early game battles.

Cursed Strikes Build

The Cursed Strikes build gives Xul more survivability thanks to the vitality of Harvest Vitality, while Weaken provides substantial stamina by reducing enemy damage. Since this build requires you to constantly hit multiple enemies with Cursed Strikes, it outperforms melee-oriented works with little crowd control. This build is most effective at capturing or clearing mercenaries, as he will have Cursed Strikes almost all the time, with very high attack speed.

Backlash can be replaced by Shade when facing multiple Heroes based on basic attacks, like Raynor, Illidan, or Greymane. Both Poison Nova and Skeletal Mage are helpful, though it’s a good idea to use Poison Nova when facing multiple melee Heroes. The Skeletal Mage will work just fine when you need some sort of crowd control to reach the targets you’re looking for.

Synergies and Counters


Synergizes with:

Xul lathers very well with Heroes capable of protecting him while he takes constant damage or crowd control like Medivh. He also excelled with good follow-ups for Bone Prison, like Tyrande with Lunar Flare, Falstad with Hinterland Blast, or Li-Ming with all of her Abilities.

Countered by:

He suffers a lot from relocating or controlling the crowd, leaving Heroes like ETC or Auriel in great threat, while Johanna can blind him in Cursed Attacks, reducing his effectiveness. Xul also struggles with heroes with long-range or high explosive damage that allow them to follow crowd control, like Jaina and Sgt.Hammer.

Maps of Xul

He shines in maps with lanes nearby, as he will be able to easily abuse his skeleton and wave warrior, making him excellent on Blackheart Bay, Tomb of the Spider Queen, and Temple worshiping Space. He will also be pretty good on large maps where Target will be time-consuming, allowing him to gain great experience through split push, like in Sky Temple, Garden of Terror or Cursed Hollow. Xul doesn’t do well in a 2-lane map, however, as he can’t abuse his fast generator to spawn skeletons and go to another lane, which he usually does in one. Bigger stuff.