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Yakuza 0 Guide – Some Tips And Tricks For New Players


Yakuza 0, the Japanese version of GTA V,  quickly caught the attention of Western audiences. The game tells us about Japan’s Hell in 1988, it is full of very believable battles, vibrant dialogues, and realistic graphics. And, we have to admit that the gameplay is good: the harsh surroundings and unusual plot catch.

Understand the story


The story of Yakuza 0 is one of the best in the Yakuza series. Here are cunning plans, and three betrayals, and mockery of the melodrama, and much more strange and interesting.

In the game, you will take turns playing two characters: Kazuma Kiryu and his friend Majima Goro. Each character lives in their own city and goes about their business – they build an empire out of shops and come to their senses after raids by bandits, or provide female customers prostitutes, on the way try to return to the ranks of the Japanese Mafia.

Throughout the game, their connection and a certain similarity are felt, which gives the story a drama, and makes you attentively listen and read what is happening on the screen.

Fighting styles – Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0 2

There are many different fighting styles in this game. Don’t be lazy and skip the training missions, as they help to unlock different fighting techniques. These techniques will help you overcome a tough boss or survive a fight with a group of future fighters. If you ignore this advice, you will still have to start again and spend time improving your skills sooner or later.

The best fighting styles in Yakuza 0 are determined by everyone, however, it should be noted that each character has three different fighting styles. And for Kiryu it is better to use the default style, but with Majima everything is more interesting: Choose “Slugger” and you get an almost god-like mode.

Remember that the thermal scale is now divided into three levels, and many techniques depending on the number of filled bands. In every fight, you can adapt to the situation, or simply switch fighting styles to suit your mood. Each style feels different, so the constant fights don’t get boring as fast as they used to.

Make money – Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0 1

There are enough ways to be rich in the game. However, the most profitable ones appear around mid-game. Be as it is, in the game you can earn great money. And if before a fight with a thug on the street could bring only a few thousand yen, now the bill will come in the tens and hundreds of thousands, and a serious brawl can bring in many millions. . And if you need easy money, go to the Temple and find Bob – a clown who carries a bunch of items with him. From him, you can get a diamond plate worth 100,000,000 yen.

Get new skills and don’t miss the chance to earn hundreds of thousands more yen. The initial purchase doesn’t hit your wallet much, but the further you go, the more expensive the pumping. It turns out to be a hilarious paradox: you’re always rich, but money still may not be enough.

Regenerate health

Yakuza 0

Battles in the game are often delayed, and characters may not have enough time to rest and heal. As soon as you have a chance to explore Kamurocho, head to Kotobuki Medicine, to stock up on healing potions. The best Yakuza 0 healing items you can find in the pharmacy are the Staminan Royale, which restores health and a splash of heat. Before going on to the next mission, stock up on the maximum amount of healing potion.