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Yasuo: A handbook to counter the champion hottest

Yasuo is one of the popular champions of players

Yasuo is one of the popular champions of players

In a match, to be able to win, players need to know the information about a general and how to counter that champion. In this article, I will show you in detail how to counter Yasuo in a match.


The rank of a champion is based on the performance of that champion and the other champions in the same position. This is calculated based on the numbers of the deciding factors such as ban rate, win rate, KDA, gold earned, and more from the Platinum rank and above. These ranks are not just numbers, the trend of using champions changes very quickly through each update when champions with high win rates have been reduced, and the weaker champions have an increase of power a little bit.

Yasuo has always been in the top favorite for many seasons. Just by looking at the play style of this swordsman, we can understand why Yasuo is so popular. Yasuo is one of the best opponents on the road and bloody opponents.

In addition, Yasuo can also play the main damage role of the team thanks to the constant internal damage and Steel Storm (Q). In addition, Yasuo’s ultimate can cause a great deal of damage in combat if used beautifully. In general, Yasuo is popular for his beautiful gameplay. His ability to control the skirmish with his ultimate Breeze (R) or prevent opponents from damaging with Wind Wall (W).


The delicious prey of Yasuo is usually the shaky generals lacking mobility and vulnerability to the approach of this swordsman. Therefore, the most suitable champions to counter Yasuo are Vladimir. He can dodge Yasuo’s skills with Blood Lake (W), and Malzahar, the general who specializes in assassins with Tyrant Tying (W).

Even Ekko or assassins like Zed and Talon can fight with Yasuo due to Time Break (R) and Phase Shift (E). As well as skills that make a champion unable to select targets to benefit before Yasuo.


As well as confronting assassins, armor is a stat that needs to be prioritized when facing Yasuo. As long as you stand before Yasuo’s chain, you can completely counter Yasuo when he has used up his skills.

Based on that and Malzahar’s skill set, items that prevent your health bar from falling to dangerous levels. It will be very effective to reduce Yasuo’s pressure. Zhonya Cross and Hourglass Chains are two priority items. As they help you buy time before Yasuo to give teammates time to rescue.


Yasuo is a team-dependent general that can deal with a great deal of damage in team fights with the ultimate Last Breath (R). So to counter Yasuo, the best way is not to go too close to lead to situations. Where many people are thrown.

Besides, choose the location to fight away from minions. He can not take advantage of the Sweeping Sword (E) skill and cause discomfort and restore virtual armor faster. One final note is that Yasuo is not a very strong general. Leaving hard controls for him so that he cannot fly in combat.