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Young Ninjas vs Natus Vincere Junior Prediction – WePlay – 07/27

Young Ninjas vs Natus Vincere Junior Prediction

Young Ninjas vs Natus Vincere Junior Prediction

Young Ninjas vs Natus Vincere Junior prediction on July 27, 2021. The instability of Young Ninjas is completely making it difficult for them in the current top 3 race in WePlay Academy League 2021. 8 games played they only won 4 and lost 4, and that if they keep playing like now, then It will be difficult for this team in the confrontation with Natus Vincere Junior.

Young Ninjas Overview

In the previous meeting, Young Ninjas also lost to Natus Vincere Junior with a score of 16-11 on the Mirage map, where Young Ninjas played quite a forehand. The problem is that the whole team is playing a bit underpowered right now. Young Ninjas will have to be extremely cautious when this time the team is playing quite badly and being too hasty at an important time, causing themselves to receive unfavorable results.

Natus Vincere Junior Overview

In terms of rankings, while Young Ninjas is still only at 54th place while  Natus Vincere Junior has made temporary progress to 105th at the moment. More importantly, they are getting comfort and confidence from the whole team after the recent impressive achievements. 

Natus Vincere Junior is making great progress again. 3 consecutive victories helped them climb to 3rd place with a record of 5 wins and 3 defeats. Therefore, as long as the team focuses on playing, they can completely defeat Young Ninjas again and also strengthen their position in the face of fierce pursuit from other opponents.

Young Ninjas vs Natus Vincere Junior prediction

Mirage, Vertigo, and Dust2 are the maps that Natus Vincere Junior has played the most so far, although in other maps they are also playing quite mature and gradually climbing to the top positions thanks to their victories. Impressive win. Confronting a Young Ninjas with a lot of experience and drifting on every map except Dust2 will be a difficult challenge for Natus Vincere Junior so they can re-enact the scenario in the first leg. 

Calculating the previous 8 meetings, Young Ninjas even won 7 and only lost the last time against Natus Vincere Junior. But now that the wind has reversed, the Young Ninjas are getting worse and worse, this is the time when Natus Vincere Junior thanks to the sublimation of m0NESY. 

The bets to win the pistols round and hit the first 5 marks may belong to Young Ninjas, but that’s not all because Natus Vincere Junior will quickly bring the game to the balance with good form this time. The two sides played tit-for-tat and brought the match back to the match again, the forehand maps were under Young Ninjas’ control.

Young Ninjas vs Natus Vincere Junior bet prediction

Young Ninjas vs Natus Vincere Junior match score prediction: 0 – 1

Handicap bet:

Game 1: young ninja 14 – 16 Me Win Junior (Choose Natus Vincere Junior Win – Over)

First 5 rounds win:

Game 1: Young Ninjas 

Total Round: 26.5


Young Ninjas: Sapec, ztr, phzy, nilo, Ro1f

Natus Vincere Junior: Aunkere, fear, m0NESY, pogor3lov, Synyx