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Heroes of the Storm: Zagara Talent Build Guide


Zagara is a long-range Assassin who relies on Zerg summons to wreak havoc on her opponents. The Creep Tumor emblem is a powerful skill that not only provides boosts to some of her attributes, including attack range and movement speed but also provides valuable vision across the battlefield. school. She has the ability to tear apart enemy defenses from afar and, when dropped, even for a small amount of time, will turn the enemy’s strongest fortifications into rubble.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Zagara



  • Great waveclear
  • Strong sieging and pushing power
  • Excellent long-range, long-lasting damage
  • Creep tumor icon Tumor creates a large amount of visibility throughout the map
  • Can easily join the Mercenary Camps alone


  • Quite vulnerable to crowd control
  • Zero mobility, except on Creep
  • Mana hungry
  • Low burst damage
  • Her only tricky form of crowd control is Icon Devouring Maw Devouring Maw

Talent Build of Zagara

Infested Drop Build

Corpse Feeders (lv1), Envenimed Spines (lv4), Bile Drop (lv7), Devouring Maw (lv10), Hydralisk Transfusion (lv13) – Protective Coating – Spell Shield, Corrosive Saliva (lv16), Tyrant Maw (lv20)

Her Infested Drop Build is often the best option as it allows her to deal massive amounts of damage in teamfights thanks to the Bile Drop and Corpse Feeders that boost the inherent damage of corrosive Saliva.

Baneling Barrage Build

Volatile Acid (lv1), Envenomed Spines (lv4), Baneling Massacre (lv7), Nydus Network (lv10), Hydralisk Transfusion (lv13) – Protective Coating – Spell Shield, Mutalisk (lv16), Endless Creep (lv20)

Her Baneling Barrage Build is a good choice when you need to add additional range from Volatile Acids to stay safe in the solo lane and/or want to damage enemy Buildings from a distance.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

Due to her poor maneuverability, Zagara is best when paired with a Tank or two that can give her a strong frontline. Those with reliable crowd control can set devastating combos with her devour Maw as well.

Countered by:

She is hit in the lane by highly mobile assassins like Illidan who can outperform her and follow her even while on Creep. Furthermore, Heroes on a global scale like Falstad or Dehaka could significantly limit her effectiveness while in the split push.

Maps of Zagara

She tends to be a viable Hero on most maps due to the variety of her construction styles. Larger maps with multiple target locations (such as Cursed Hollow, Sky Temple, or Infernal Shrines) tend to prioritize split-push building, where Zagara can take advantage of distracting opportunity moments for the opposing team.

Smaller maps like the Tomb of the Spider Queen and Towers of Doom make it difficult for Zagara to sneak away to push lanes and destroy defenses, though not impossible. On these Battlegrounds, some players might consider building a build that revolves around team fights and applying massive bursts of damage consistently on enemy Heroes.

Tips and Tricks

  • Baneling Barrage should be used mainly for waveclear to save precious energy.
  • When using Baneling Barrage on Minion Waves, try using it from an angle of  90 degrees. Aim at Wizard Minion to maximize splash damage.
  • Use Hunter Killer to zap enemies from teamfights or lanes.
  • Always use the Infested Drop when available to safely deal damage and provide vision. The Infested Drop can also be used to increase the Mercenary Barracks and interrupt the redirection of targets (like Tributes on Cursed Hollow).
  • Don’t try to force the Devouring Maw and instead wait for the enemy to come within range.
  • Place Nydus Worms provided by the Nydus Network in uninhabited places to prevent them from being destroyed immediately.
  • Always use all available tumors. Place them inside the bushes and in other blind spots to prevent enemies from accidentally destroying them with the AoE skill.