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Heroes of the Storm: Zarya Talent Build Guide


Zarya is a Support that combines defense tools with powerful attack capabilities. She has a single basic attack that allows her to hit multiple enemy targets at the same time. She can cast Shield for herself or give Shields to Allied Heroes, receive Icon Energy Energy based on damage absorbed by any of her Shield, and deal additional damage based on the amount Her stored energy, however, will gradually decrease her energy overtime.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Zarya



  • High survivability
  • Shields for allied Heroes
  • Abilities are free

Deals good damage at high Energy Symbolic


  • Muscle waves are relatively low
  • Lack of crowd control when Hero Skills are unavailable
  • No mobility
  • Easily affected by the Knockback effect in the early game
  • Weak on sustained damage because her Shield has a short duration

Talent Build

Particle Grenade Build

Her Particle Grenade crafting is a versatile choice that increases the damage of a Bead Grenade by a solid amount thanks to the Empowerment of Destroyers and Determination Accuracy.

Basic Attacks Build

Her basic attack build is perfect against melee Heroes because Feel the heat icon Feel the heat at level 1 dealing a high amount of damage to enemies hit in the first half Her basic attacks and Explosive Barrier also deliver the same effect.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

Since she can provide a powerful Shield to Allied Heroes, Zarya is well-suited to pairing with Explosive Damage Heroes: most Marksmen (especially Valla) and maintenance Healers ( such as Malfurion).

Heroes who lack mobility prefer her by their side because she can increase their Movement Speed thanks to the Speed Barrier at Level 4.

A team with Zarya should prefer a solo laner who can fend for himself without any help from their team and survive enemy ganks (e.g. Yrel) while playing on top. on any Map and double immersion (such as Leoric) can be enjoyed when playing on a 3 Lane Map.

Countered by:

Since she doesn’t have movement tools, she is an easy target for enemy Heroes who don’t have a closer reliable distance and can control crowds, especially if they have access to the Knockback applications (such as Garrosh’s Wrecking Ball) to abuse her deficiency. More maneuverability or the Sleep effect can be used to suppress teamfights for a few seconds when her Shield is worn out.

Upon assuming her Shield expires after a few seconds, Zarya struggles against Heroes that can deal a constant amount of damage (such as Raynor) as they don’t rely heavily on their Abilities.

The best solo laners to play against a team with her will be able to minimize repulsion by a few Heroes while reinforcements are coming with waveclear and / or crowd control (e.g. like Yrel).

Maps of Zarya


The fact that Zarya doesn’t use Mana is great in the early game, so she’s a great pick on the Map where a good start can make the difference between winning and losing (especially Braxis Holdout).

If your team has a single laner who can double soak (such as Xul), you can basically play her on a 3-lane Map like if you were on a 2-lane Map, so just need to Focusing on a side lane and putting pressure on the opposing team. as much as possible.