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Guilty Gear XRD REV 2: Zato-1 Special Moves, Instant Kill



Zato-1 takes on the role of the archetypal puppet character of Guilty Gear. Combined with his shadow, Eddie, he dominates in a neutral position and possesses the most overwhelming attacking abilities in the game. He uses Eddie’s powers in many of his attacks, such as having him fight directly with him to attack at the same time. When Eddie is summoned, you must use your negative advantage to coordinate them in such a way that they protect each other’s recovery.

Zato-1 Playstyle


Zato-1 is a highly skilled puppet character with a multitude of attack options.


  • Over Attack: This includes, the high/low/fuzzy guard mix, command grab, unblock and never-ending block burning limited only by his metering device.
  • Practical unlockable setups: There are many reliably non-blocking settings that cause a huge amount of damage, and can also end you with the full Eddie metric.
  • Excellent space control: Aerial and aerial game with Eddie. Both Zato and Eddie can cover each other’s recovery points and easily disappoint the opponent.


  • Horrid Defense Options: Low Health with 0 courage and poor defense modifier, Terrible Death Angle, and weak inversion options.
  • Heavily Relies on Eddie: Without Eddie, Zato is very limited. Zato’s poor damage reduction boxes and slow speed made him much less threatening as Eddie didn’t go out and significantly weakened his neutral game.
  • High skill Floor: Unorthodox execution, extensive time testing, and having a good knowledge and understanding of Zato’s neutral game and Eddie controls requires a huge investment of time.

Special Moves

  • Invite Hell: 22 seconds closer to Zato-1 than 22h. Both can be used for knockdown and meat pressure. Each drill will also create a “puddle” of shadow so that Eddie can be summoned from there.
  • Break the Law: A good defensive option if you YRC to reduce its recovery.
  • Summon Eddie: If you do 236P / K / S Eddie will go out and attack. If you do 236H Eddie will go out and do nothing. If 236P / K / S / H is performed with a shader out, the ball will be recalled and the gloss meter regenerated.
  • Shadow Puddle Shadow Summon: The shadow will appear where it was drilled. No move was made right from the summoning.
  • Small Attack: This attack moves Eddie forward, allowing for more control over space.
  • Traversing Attack: Best to make your opponent stunned in the block.
  • Anti-Air Attack: Can be used for space control, as a launch pad and accessory for aerial attacks, and has the operating system with Damned Fang.
  • Shadow Puddle: Can be used to move the ball forward and avoid attacks.
  • Drill Special: Hit count is low and can be used in unblocking releases.
  • Dead Man’s Hand: This is very slow and consumes a lot of the shadow. However, it does have a few cool properties that make it a great move for Zato-1 to use.
  • Damned Fang: The best special moves don’t involve the shadow. If it touches you +63. Can be combined in the corner.
  • Drunkard Shade: Frames 1-18 throw at a disadvantage and reflect frame 3-18. The wall bounces back when hit the target.
  • Shadow Gallery: Mainly used as a combination filler but can be used to mix with YRC and RC.
  • Flight: This is helpful for getting out of corners and keeping Eddie recovering.

Zato-1 Instant Kill

  • Guzmania Magnifica
  • Indicate the right timing for you, your opponent in Hellfire and you have 50% Tension
  • Uses animation of his first hit in 5H.
  • It is possible to combine into it at an angle j41236S> RC> IK enabled> IK in Hellfire state.