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Zenith: The Last City Guide – Things To Know Before Started

Zenith: The Last City

There are many MMOs out there, including games like Final Fantasy 14, Genshin Impact, and even Warframe. However, there has been no such thing as a VR MMO, until now. Join the game Zenith: The Last City. Developed by Ramenvr, the game features players entering the world of Zenith and participating in an MMO designed from the ground up for virtual reality. Players can choose from a mage, whose primary weapon is Blasters, or a Blade master, who uses their swords to fight.

Multiple Forms Of Gliding

Zenith: The Last City

Gliding is a big deal in Zenith: The Last City; That’s how players go around! The ability to climb anything, jump from one of the greatest heights in the game, and then glide to the next destination is a lot of fun. However, there is more than one way to surf in the game. 

Go into the settings and change surfing from basic to either sensitive or Onfe will make surfing more intuitive, as tilting your hand up and down will allow you to surf more in the fly stream, such as diving and gaining altitude and speed. It will make the glide not only last longer but also go further. With Zenith’s fun way to get around, it joins the vocabulary of many games including gliding, even before breathing wild.

Higher Tier Recipes – Zenith: The Last City

Zenith: The Last City

The cooking stuff in Zenith is incredibly fun. Sometimes players will find themselves being caught cooking in the game a lot longer than anticipated. When it’s done cooking, however, completing a near-perfect recipe is one-way players can upgrade their skills.

There are three tiers of recipes that make the game, with players able to craft mid and pro (which looks delicious) food items. However, one of the things is to cook better items that require money. When facing the portable stove in the game, choosing the cooking coil on the left is free. However, choosing the middle and right parts requires money. It is very easy to miss the price tag on other reels and players have inadvertently emptied their wallets for pasta.

Teardrop Crystals

Zenith: The Last City

There are many items to pick up in the world of Zenith: The Last City, and players will most likely stumble across a mysterious teardrop crystal in the game world. It’s very important. Having a lot of them will be a huge benefit for you, as finding enough will upgrade the one thing players really need, stamina. Stamina is a central part of all player kits. It is used for jumping, climbing, fighting, and gliding. With tears, the player can reach the goddess statue in the fracture plain and upgrade their stamina.

Multiple Roles – Zenith: The Last City

zenith 3

Choosing a class is important when creating a character; It dictates how the player will play throughout the game. However, roles are a bit more flexible. Something not mentioned by the developers is possibly switching your role. Allows jumping between roles based on the situation. However, each role effectively has an extra character for the set character. Changing roles will reset your progress to 0. 

Don’t fret, though! You can always go back to your role and get all your progress back. Players can level up each of the roles, and make them prepared for anything ahead. However, don’t sell all those tier 1 gear if you’re planning on taking advantage of this ability.