Game CMD 368

Zeros lost his form, seems to be a shadow of himself



Perhaps it seems that both Zeros and EVOS Esports are struggling to get along in the VCS Summer 2020 season.



EVOS Esports has always been famous as a team with an extremely methodical playstyle under the guidance of coach Violet. However, bringing Zeros back to the squad made the team do more harm than good. Agreeing that the media went up, but the results in the Summer 2020 VCS were so bad. So far they have Completely empty-handed after 4 matches.

One thing we need to mention is that Zeros doesn’t seem to want, or worse do not know, to use tanks that are tough or aggressive. In the match yesterday, many times Zeros can choose Ornn, Wukong even Kennen can also ensure good combat ability. However, he still persisted with his damaged generals and it has made the other players invisible.

Sorn has to pay more attention to Zeros’ top lane, instead of doing his best to control his vision. Support Bie is forced to play team fights to ensure his team has the ability to take the initiative. So the ADC Divkid is also rarely protected and green is not too comfortable to shoot. It’s like a domino chain crashing onto EVOS Esports.


Zeros’ single color champion selection makes it easy for opponents to counter. As in game 2 with General Akali, Zeros almost completely turned off the power when going on the road and “feed” continuously. At the fighting stage, it is impossible to threaten the main force of Team Flash. Kati’s Ryze is green from early on and is strong enough to withstand, but Slayder is too good to pick. In front of Zeros who was usually just Pantheon and Trundle, what could Akali do?

Seeing Zeros wandering around near the dragon cave was unable to do anything, while the opponent rushed in to destroy the remaining 4 people of EVOS. One could only shake his head in disgust. If only Zeros could play champions that caused more chaos in team fights, EVOS could have won first.

In around 3, Zeros was even earlier, the guy who dived into the tower too amateur. He was easily tricked by Stark to die and completely lost to Wukong. Luckily for EVOS, Pake played too well with accurate Sonic Command commands and provided an advantage in team fights. This also helped Zeros to avoid being under too much pressure in the later stages. Because Stark could not accompany him 24/7 in the top lane.

However, when EVOS had hoped to win, EGO’s good Smite phase brought Team Flash the victory. Remember, in order to stop EGO, Pake had to issue Sonic Wave Command outside Baron but it slipped. Then EVOS could not fight back with the opponent when the most important weapon was lost.

This defeat of EVOS Esports says a lot of things. This team has not yet found a way for Zeros to be able to promote his effectiveness and vice versa. The “Maya” has not caught the rhythm of the home team. It is true that finding the right game takes time. But with EVOS, it is gradually becoming more limited than ever. If this momentum continues, Zeros at home watching Worlds right after the end of the group stage is entirely possible.