4月 21, 2021


Game CMD 368

G2电竞vs MAD狮子预测– LEC 2021春季– 04/03

G2 Esports Overview  Success led by two consecutive victories, but it was not until the fifth game that G2 Esports players could finish off their opponents and bring themselves a victory. With this victory, G2 Esports has now officially entered the semi-finals of the winning branch. Just continuing to defeat the underdog MAD Lion in this match, G2 Esports will be the first team to participate in the LEC Spring 2021 final. Recent Matches G2 Esports 3 2 FC Schalke 04 Esports G2 Esports 1 0 SK Gaming G2 Esports 0 1 MAD Lions G2 Esports 0 1 Excel Esports G2 Esports 1 0 Misfits    MAD Lion Overview  MAD Lion had a great performance in the first match entering with this playoffs. Beat the team that was in great form 3-1 on Rogue, the MAD Lion players continued their way up the winning bracket and clashed against a MAD Lion in the semi-final. Although the group stage, the players of MAD Lion did not perform too well but entering this playoff they did better. The G2 Esports vs MAD Lion prediction rounds out the explosion of MAD Lion players in this next match and brings surprises to the LEC Spring 2021 tournament. Recent Matches MAD Lions 3 1 Rogue MAD Lions 0 1 Astralis MAD Lions 1 0 G2 Esports MAD Lions 0 1 Misfits MAD Lions 0 1 Rogue    G2 Esports vs MAD Lion prediction  Although the G2 Esports vs MAD Lion prediction expert does not underestimate the MAD Lion players, it is clear that in comparison to G2 Esports, they are still much worse. It can be seen in this area that G2 Esports is still a monument that is hard to overcome. Given the importance of this match, the expert believes that no team will play seriously. With top strength plus its seasoned competitive experience, it is highly likely that G2 Esports will defeat MAD Lion in this match and move on to the final. A reasonable score for this match will be 3-1 in favor of G2 Esports players. G2 Esports vs MAD Lion result prediction Total Score Game 1: ⁠⁠G2 Esports Game 2: ⁠MAD Lion Game 3: G2 Esports Game 4: G2 Esports Total score 3-1 Total Kill Points Game 1: ⁠⁠G2 Esports 16-9 MAD Lion Game 2: ⁠G2 Esports 12-16 MAD Lion Game 3: G2 Esports 19-7 MAD Lion Game 4: G2 Esports 20-14 MAD Lion First Blood Game 1: ⁠⁠MAD Lion Game 2: ⁠G2 Esports Game 3: G2 Esports Game 4: MAD Lion First Dragon Game 1: ⁠⁠G2 Esports Game 2: ⁠MAD Lion Game 3: G2 Esports Game 4: MAD Lion First Baron Game 1: ⁠⁠G2 Esports Game 2: ⁠MAD Lion Game 3: G2 Esports Game 4: G2 Esports Line-up G2 Esports: Wunder, Jankos, Caps, Rekkles, Mikyx MAD Lion: Armut, Elyoya, Humanoid, Carzzy, Kaiser

G2 Esports vs MAD Lion Prediction

G2 Esports对MAD Lion的预测于2021年4月3日。尽管人们对G2 Esports的看法不尽相同,但他们还是付出了很大的努力来击败季后赛的首位对手FC Schalke 04 Esports。


成功取得了连续两次胜利,但直到第五场比赛,G2电竞选手才能击败对手并取得胜利。凭借这一胜利,G2 Esports现在已正式进入获胜分支的半决赛。G2 Esports只是继续在这场比赛中击败弱者MAD Lion,将成为第一支参加LEC 2021年春季决赛的球队。



MAD Lion概述

MAD Lion在此季后赛首场比赛中表现出色。在Rogue上以3-1击败表现出色的球队后,MAD Lion球员继续前进,进入了赢球,并在半决赛中与MAD Lion发生冲突。

尽管在小组赛阶段,MAD Lion的球员表现并不出色,但是进入季后赛他们却表现更好。在G2电子竞技VS MAD狮子预测发了狂的狮子球员在这个下场比赛的爆炸带来的惊喜给LEC 2021春季赛。



G2电竞vs MAD Lion预测

尽管G2 Esports vs MAD Lion预测专家并没有低估MAD Lion玩家,但很明显,与G2 Esports相比,他们的情况要差得多。在这一领域可以看出,G2电子竞技仍然是一座难以克服的纪念碑。

鉴于这场比赛的重要性,专家认为没有一支球队会认真参加比赛。凭借最高的实力加上其丰富的竞争经验,G2电子竞技很可能会在这场比赛中击败MAD Lion并晋级决赛。这场比赛的合理比分是3-1,适合G2电竞玩家。

G2电竞vs MAD Lion结果预测


  • 游戏一:⁠⁠G2电子竞技
  • 第2场:MAD Lion
  • 游戏3:G2电竞
  • 游戏4:G2电竞
  • 总分3-1


  • 比赛1:⁠⁠G2电子竞技16-9 MAD狮子
  • 赛局2:⁠G2电竞12-16 MAD狮子
  • 赛局3:G2电竞19-7 MAD狮子
  • 第四局:G2电竞20-14 MAD狮子


  • 第1场:⁠⁠MADLion
  • 第2场:⁠G2电子竞技
  • 游戏3:G2电竞
  • 第四场:MAD Lion


  • 游戏一:⁠⁠G2电子竞技
  • 第2场:MAD Lion
  • 游戏3:G2电竞
  • 第四场:MAD Lion


  • 游戏一:⁠⁠G2电子竞技
  • 第2场:MAD Lion
  • 游戏3:G2电竞
  • 游戏4:G2电竞


  • G2体育:Wunder,Jankos,盖帽,Rekkles,Mikyx
  • MAD狮子:Armut,Elyoya,人形生物,Carzzy,Kaiser