April 14, 2021


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Zoe Build – Instructions on how to Build Zoe LOL

Zoe Build - Instructions on how to Build Zoe LOL

Instructions on how to play on Zoe season 10 guide Mid Oneshot and Rune to support LOL Zoe build recombining the most powerful solo equipment, sp build full ap damage of the pro order increase the Zoe build skillset, add magic support the latest Zoe and how to build Zoe – The Aspect of Twilight and combo skills to overcome in League of Legends game LOL.

Zoe Build - Instructions on how to Build Zoe LOL

Zoe Mid Rune

Zoe Mid Rune

Zoe Build - Instructions on how to Build Zoe LOL


Zoe Electrocute Rune – oneshot

Zoe Build - Instructions on how to Build Zoe LOL

DOMINATION => Electrocute

Zoe Summoner Spells

  • Zoe possesses a powerful power, despite receiving consecutive power-ups both directly and indirectly, The Aspect of Twilight is still a reliable prop for you to plow the ranking rank of the season this season.
  • Flash ​​+ Ignite
Zoe Build - Instructions on how to Build Zoe LOL

Strengths and weaknesses Zoe


  • Zoe is the first champion in League of Legends to have the effects of the “Sleepy Trouble Bubble” skill. => high probability of causing discomfort
  • This Zoe’s skill set is an extremely versatile, super virtual combo, the ability to stack damage shock Oneshot extremely powerful.
  • Paddle Star (Q) has a max range of distance, combined with the extremely annoying Sleepy Trouble Bubble (E) effect => an opponent who catches this combo can evaporate immediately, otherwise, there are still a few drops of blood.
  • Spell Thief (W) is quite special, helping LOL Zoe build can pick up additional Spells or activated equipment => makes Zoe’s solo kill and hand-fight situations become much more powerful, copper time to create unexpected processing phases.
  • Zhao’s Portal Jump + Paddle Star  (Q) => makes Zoe more mobile than ever.

=> Zoe is a blood taker champion + long-range control + most annoying damge in LOL, including in the laning phase as well as in fighting (the most cancerous skill set in League), confronting Zoe without CLEANSE, the ability to score on the board is very high.


  • Zoe’s skill set is mostly skill-oriented, requiring players to use it correctly.
  • Moreover, Zoe’s skills are also difficult to use, requiring players to spend time practicing multiple combos, one mature skill => to bring high efficiency.
  • In addition, Zoe is also quite fragile, if controlled easily on the score board in a snap

Zoe skills: 

Paddle Star (Q)

It is Zoe build’ s strongest ranged skill in the laning phase as well as the subsequent skirmishes, so it is important to increase priority first as soon as possible.

Next is the Sleepy Trouble Bubble (E), which can be said to be Zoe’s most inhibiting control Zoe build skill, not only that this skill has a very long range to deploy, and the damage is also caused. very large, so this will be the second maximum increase skill.

The Spell Thief (W) makes Zoe much more mobile when stealing auxiliary spells of the opponent or soldier, it also creates the Unexpected surprise combo situation that the enemy did not expect, this move plus last. The Portal Jump (R) Ulti moves to the right level for Zoe.

Zoe Build - Instructions on how to Build Zoe LOL

Passive – More Sparkles

After launching, Zoe’s next attack deals X (+ 25% AP) magic damage

Q – Q

  • Zoe shoots a star that deals bonus magic damage according to the distance traveled from [18 – 140 damage per level] (+40/70/100/130/160) (+ 66% AP) up to [45 – 350 damage per level (+100/175/250/325/400) (+ 165% AP)
  • Re-activate it to redirect it to a new location near Zoe.

W: Spell Thief

  • Spells Thief and enemy’s active equipment drop spells on the ground, lasting for 40 seconds. Some soldiers can also cast magic shards when Zoe is destroyed.
  • Activation: Picking up a piece of magic allows Zoe to cast the Summoner Spell or item once.
  • Passive: Whenever Zoe casts an additional spell or Spell of Thief, she gains 10/25/40/55/70% movement speed for 2 / 2.5 / 3 / 3.5 / 4 seconds and casts 3 spells on the target she is attacking, dealing 70/115/160/205/250 (+ 40% AP) magic damage. Every bolt of magic triggers the passive More Sparkles!

Sleepy Trouble Bubble – E

  • Zoe throws a ball that explodes upon hitting the first target dealing 60/100/140/180/220 (+ 40% AP) magic damage, and will form a trap if it doesn’t hit a target. The path of the Sleep Bubble will be extended if it flies over the wall. After a period of time, the enemy will sleep for 2 seconds, attacking will wake the target but cause double damage, up to 60/100/140/180/220 (+ 40% AP) bonus damage more.
  • If the enemy is sleeping, the Sleepy Trouble Bubble refunds 10/15/20/25/30% of the cooldown.

Ulti – Portal Jump

Teleport to the designated location for 1 second, then fly back. While teleporting Zoe can use Zoe build skills and basic attacks, and see through walls. However, Zoe could not move.

How to get Zoe Build

Zoe’s initial equipment – Zoe Starters

Now, coming to how to build Zoe: 

Starting with “Doran Rings” and “Health Potion” gives you enough energy and recovery at an early stage.

Zoe Build Shoes

Zoe Core Items

Zoe Mid

Zoe Sp

Zoe Jungle

Build Zoe Mid

This is the way to how to build Zoe with Zoe build ‘s full AP equipment for Mid and the best mid: Luden’s Echo + Morellonomicon + Rabadon’s DealthCap + Void Staff + Zhonya’s Hourglass. => Oneshot combo evaporates onto scoreboard.

In case Zoe build has to go with the long-wizards, good poke structures and many hard control effects: Mercury shoes or Banshee Veil will be quite effective equipment.

Build on Zoe Jungle

The way to how to build Zoe to the Jungle is the same as the middle LOL Zoe build – still full of AP, but should prioritize this build choice => to increase the damage from the attacks, making Zoe’s ability to clean monsters better.

Zoe Build - Instructions on how to Build Zoe LOL

Build Zoe Sp

The Zoe Supports kit is also supported.

Counteract Zoe

Refer to some champion capable of counteracting LOL Zoe build – The Aspect of Twilight effectively later.


Above, we have just shared of the Runes ecombining for Zoe season 10 and some ways to how to build Zoe new items for your reference. Wish you climb the rank with LOL Zoe build  of successful gank team rank with The Aspect of Twilight in the arena of justice.