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Heroes of the Storm: Zul’jin Talent Build Guide


Zul’jin is a long-range assassin that can be used as a basic attack sustained damage dealer or as a “magician” burst Basic Ability. His playstyle ultimately depends on how talented he is. Berserker Upgrades tend to shift him to Basic damage, while the Twin Cleave upgrades combined with Guillotine produce special explosive damage. Like other long-range assassins, learning to locate effectively in the allied backline is integral to his success; how many times will he become the opponent team’s main focus target.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Zul’jin



  • Single target deals extremely high through Basic Attack or AoE explosion damage from Twin Cleave combined with Guillotine
  • Multiple sources plus Attack Range makes effective positioning easier than similar long-range assassins
  • Regeneration adds good self-sustaining ability in the lane and between fights
  • Taz’dingo! provides a good means of survival for other feeble Heroes
  • A variety of roles can be performed to suit an infinite variety of teamwork and combinations
  • The Twin Cleave Build creates an impressive waveclear


  • No gap-closer; very susceptible to enemy ganks and Heroes with dive potential
  • Overuse of Berserker will result in needlessly low Health
  • Vulnerable to crowd-control and focus-fire
  • Effectively useless when Blinded while running the Basic Attack build
  • Very difficult to play effectively with a fairly high learning-curve

Talent Build of Zul’jin

Twin Cleave Build

Headhunter (lv1) – Recklessness, Troll’s Blood (lv4) – Voodoo Shuffle, Arcanite Axes (lv7), Taz’dingo (lv10) – Guillotine, Eye of Zul’jin (lv13) – Ensnare, Wrong Place Wrong Time (lv16), Amani Resilience (lv20) – Buzzsaw – A Surprise For Ya.

The Twin Cleave Build is based on AoE damage provided by his Twin Cleave. When running this build, complete the last part of “Do You Want an Ax?” Is required. Completing this Mission by literally lowering 150 Basic Attacks on the opponent’s Heroes will literally double the effectiveness of the Twin Cleave as the blades begin spinning twice.

The Arcanite Ax is indispensable in the building, as it will continuously increase the amount of damage the blades do during the Battle. A single combo of Twin Cleave’s talent combined with Guillotine can easily eliminate difficult members in the backline of the opponent like long-range assassins or Healers. This is the standard build and should be selected in most games.

Basic Attack Build

Headhunter (lv1) – Recklessness, Troll’s Blood (lv4) – Voodoo Shuffle, Ferocity (lv7), Taz’dingo (lv10) – Guillotine, Eye of Zul’jin (lv13) – Ensnare, Let the Killing Begin (lv16), Amani Resilience (lv20) – Buzzsaw – A Surprise For Ya.

Basic attack build focuses on maximizing the efficiency of Berserker, the core mechanic, and the extremely high damage he can sustain with mechanical attacks version. The combination of the symbol of recklessness, ferocity, and Taz’dingo! will make him tear his opponent apart as both his Attack Speed ​​and Physical Damage will be a phenomenon for the entire time of Taz’dingo if he becomes the focus target of the enemy.

Amani’s healing gives him the survivability needed to increase survivability when Taz’dingo’s Inattainable effect wears off.

Synergies and Counters


Synergizes with:

He works best with Heroes who can give him a powerful frontline as well as Healers who can help him control his blood count. Uther and Tyrael specifically cooperate with him because Divine Shield and Sanctification can be duplicated with Taz’dingo! for an extraordinary result.

Countered by:

Zul’jin was strongly counterattacked by the enemy Heroes who could dive him, neutralize him by stunning or silent, and knock him down, especially before he had can activate Taz’dingo !. Trusty Heroes such as Li Li’s Feng Lei also severely hampered his effectiveness in battle.